WSOPC #8: $600 Marathon No-Limit Hold'em

Mateos Retakes Lead

• Nível 37: 125,000-250,000, 30,000 ante

Seungmook "7high" Jung called a raise to see {2-Clubs}{6-Spades}{4-Clubs} on the flop, and they both checked to the {6-Diamonds} turn. Jung bet 905K and Adrian Mateos called to {5-Diamonds} on the river. Jung fired 2.06M and Mateos called.

Adrian Mateos: {a-Hearts}{5-Hearts}
Seungmook "7high" Jung: {k-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}

Board: {2-Clubs}{6-Spades}{4-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}

Jung flopped a pair, but Mateos got there on the river to take the lead again.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Adrian Mateos es
Adrian Mateos
es 18,239,682 3,397,300
Seungmook "7high" Jung kr
Seungmook "7high" Jung
kr 13,360,318 -3,397,300