WSOPC #17: $252 Deepstack Bounty Hunters No-Limit Hold'em

Aleksandrov Doubles Off Comeron Again

Jaxon • Nível 48: 500,000-1,000,000, 150,000 ante

David "MyLastHand!" Comeron raised to 1 million from under the gun. Mikhail "zyxel777" Aleksandrov jammed for 7.1 million from the button and Comeron called.

Mikhail "zyxel777" Aleksandrov: {a-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}
David "MyLastHand!" Comeron: {10-Clubs}{8-Hearts}

The {6-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{10-Hearts} flop gave Comeron the lead in the hand and Comeron still had the lead after the {2-Spades} paired the board on the turn.

However, Aleksandrov hit a better two pair on the {j-Spades} river to stay alive and double off Comeron for the second time in less than an orbit.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
David "MyLastHand!" Comeron es
David "MyLastHand!" Comeron
es 54,859,964 -7,291,388
Mikhail "zyxel777" Aleksandrov ru
Mikhail "zyxel777" Aleksandrov
ru 16,532,776 9,241,388