WSOPC #11: $1,050 Bounty Hunters Championship

Event Info

Buy-in $1,050
Premiação $1,293,000
Players 1293

Informações do Nível

Nível 38
Blinds 100,000 / 200,000
Ante 30,000

Informações do Jogador - Dia 1

Jogadores Restantes 1
Entries 1293

Yurov Eliminated


Blinds 125-250

Following a preflop four-bet and call for 4,019 each, Konstantin "gpq8" Yurov open-jammed the {a-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{5-Clubs} flop for 10,012 with the {7-Hearts}{4-Hearts} and was called by "limpNinja" with the {10-Spades}{10-Hearts}. The combo draw missed on the {2-Diamonds} turn and {7-Clubs} river.

limpNinja RU
RU 41,180
Konstantin "gpq8" Yurov
Konstantin "gpq8" Yurov

"88danielwu88" Eliminated

88danielwu88 vs yaeryaer
88danielwu88 vs yaeryaer

Blinds 100-200

In a preflop raising war, "88danielwu88" clashed with "yaeryaer" and had the ultimate cooler with {k-Clubs}{k-Spades} versus {a-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}. There was no upset on the {j-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{5-Hearts} board and "88danielwu88" was left very short.

They were all-in the next hand with the {a-Clubs}{9-Clubs} and the bounty was chopped by Anant "MisterPro" Purohit with the {k-Hearts}{10-Hearts} and "MusonToch" with {10-Spades}{10-Clubs} as both made a jack-high straight.

47,010 47,010
MusonToch ua
ua 44,674 44,674
Joseph Cheong us
Joseph Cheong
us 23,850 23,850
Anant "MisterPro" Purohit
Anant "MisterPro" Purohit
23,816 23,816

More Notable Entries


Blinds 100-200

More than 450 players are now registered and the second batch of notables can be found below.

Daniel Smiljkovic de
Daniel Smiljkovic
de 25,000 25,000
Bryan Paris us
Bryan Paris
us 25,000 25,000
Dominik Panka pl
Dominik Panka
pl 25,000 25,000
Matas Cimbolas lt
Matas Cimbolas
lt 25,000 25,000
RandyLew! CA
CA 25,000 25,000
Ivan Zufic hr
Ivan Zufic
hr 25,000 25,000
Georgios Sotiropoulos gr
Georgios Sotiropoulos
gr 25,000 25,000
Timur "Avocado Love" Margolin il
Timur "Avocado Love" Margolin
il 25,000 25,000
Jans Arends nl
Jans Arends
nl 25,000 25,000
Craig Timmis gb
Craig Timmis
gb 25,000 25,000
Andrey Pateychuk ru
Andrey Pateychuk
ru 25,000 25,000
Martin Pineiro ar
Martin Pineiro
ar 25,000 25,000
Tauan Naves br
Tauan Naves
br 25,000 25,000
Ilya Anatsky by
Ilya Anatsky
by 25,000 25,000
Ottomar Ladva ee
Ottomar Ladva
ee 25,000 25,000

Zerjav Among Early Casualties


Blinds 100-200

Harald "OscartheCon" Sammer three-bet and then called a four-bet to 3,500 by Blaz Zerjav, as did one further player. Zerjav bet the {8-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{2-Spades} flop for 4,210 and earned two check-calls to then see the {10-Spades} turn go check, check. On the {5-Diamonds} river, "LoveLvStars" bet 7,878 and Sammer jammed for 17,200, which only Zerjav called.

Sammer tabled the {a-Spades}{5-Spades} for trips fives and Zerjav was left with crumbs holding the {k-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}. Those last few chips went in the next hand and Zerjav came up short with {a-Clubs}{4-Diamonds} against the {j-Hearts}{7-Hearts} of Weidong "daniel117" Liu.

Harald "OscartheCon" Sammer at
Harald "OscartheCon" Sammer
at 60,488
Weidong "daniel117" Liu CN
Weidong "daniel117" Liu
CN 31,306
Tsunamy es
es 24,690
LoveLvStars CN
CN 8,174
Blaz Zerjav si
Blaz Zerjav
si Eliminado

Early Bounty for Dürnegger

ssori vs Dürnegger
ssori vs Dürnegger

Blinds 100-200

Shota "shorta222" Nakanishi opened to 440 and was called by Markus Dürnegger in the cutoff. "ssori" then three-bet to 1,800 in the big blind and was called both ways. On the {j-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} flop, "ssori" bet 1,900, Nakanishi folded and Dürnegger raised to 5,229. A jam and instant call followed.

"ssori": {a-Spades}{10-Spades}
Markus Dürnegger: {6-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}

Dürnegger needed to fade running cards and did so on the {q-Hearts} turn and {7-Spades} river.

Markus Dürnegger at
Markus Dürnegger
at 51,990 26,990
Shota "shorta222" Nakanishi
Shota "shorta222" Nakanishi
23,140 23,140
ssori jp
jp Eliminado

Karakousis Chips Up


Blinds 100-200

Recent finalist "GROSZEK 5" three-bet to 1,400 and was called by the initial raiser Georgios "KARAKGEO" Karakousis. They headed to the {q-Clubs}{j-Spades}{6-Clubs} flop on which Karakousis check-called a bet of 1,670. The {q-Diamonds} turn was checked and Karakousis bet the {3-Spades} river for 2,205 to win the pot uncontested.

Georgios "KARAKGEO" Karakousis gr
Georgios "KARAKGEO" Karakousis
gr 28,350
pl 21,900

First Batch of Notable Entries


Blinds 100-200

Felipe Ramos br
Felipe Ramos
br 25,000 25,000
Ranno "RukKuRuku" Sootla ee
Ranno "RukKuRuku" Sootla
ee 25,000 25,000
Jonas Lauck de
Jonas Lauck
de 25,000 25,000
Daniel Dvoress ca
Daniel Dvoress
ca 25,000 25,000
Antoine Saout fr
Antoine Saout
fr 25,000 25,000
Thomas Hueber at
Thomas Hueber
at 25,000 25,000
Robin "porty27" Ylitalo se
Robin "porty27" Ylitalo
se 25,000 25,000
Mikolaj "HORN3T" Zawadzki pl
Mikolaj "HORN3T" Zawadzki
pl 25,000 25,000
Loucas "Rage Monkey1" Kourtoumbellides ZA
Loucas "Rage Monkey1" Kourtoumbellides
ZA 25,000 25,000
Gary "bebeloup" Hasson be
Gary "bebeloup" Hasson
be 25,000 25,000
Derek "XrayEyes" Miller gb
Derek "XrayEyes" Miller
gb 25,000 25,000
Sebastien Grax fr
Sebastien Grax
fr 25,000 25,000
Mufasa_ IN
IN 25,000 25,000
Nick Maimone us
Nick Maimone
us 25,000 25,000
Brian Green us
Brian Green
us 25,000 25,000
Erwann Pecheux fr
Erwann Pecheux
fr 25,000 25,000
Sihao "Mr_3rdBullet" Zhang lu
Sihao "Mr_3rdBullet" Zhang
lu 25,000 25,000
Carter Swidler ca
Carter Swidler
ca 25,000 25,000
John "JBradley" Bradley
John "JBradley" Bradley
25,000 25,000
Shuhei Saito JP
Shuhei Saito
JP 25,000 25,000
Markus Dürnegger at
Markus Dürnegger
at 25,000 25,000
Mario Mosboeck at
Mario Mosboeck
at 25,000 25,000
Rainer Kempe de
Rainer Kempe
de 25,000 25,000
Patrick "Egption" Tardif
Patrick "Egption" Tardif
25,000 25,000
Stefan Schillhabel de
Stefan Schillhabel
de 25,000 25,000

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Shuffle Up and Deal!


Some 330 players were signed up right before the first virtual cards were dealt and the action is now underway. A first list of notable entries is to follow.

Winner to Be Crowned in WSOPC Event #11: $1,050 Bounty Hunters Championship

WSOP Winter Online Circuit
WSOP Winter Online Circuit

The second Progressive Knockout tournament of the 2020 GGPoker World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online Circuit will kick off at 1 p.m. EST (6 p.m. UTC) and a prize pool of $1,000,000 is guaranteed in Event #11: $1,050 Bounty Hunters Championship. One hour prior to the start, some 200 players have already signed up for the event and that number is certain to increase significantly.

All players start with 25,000 in chips, which equals 125 big blinds for the first level at blinds of 100-200 and a running ante of 25. The late registration will be available until level 12 and the first 12 levels feature a duration of 15 minutes each. However, all levels beyond that until the nine-handed final table then last 10 minutes each.

During the registration period, all participants can re-enter up to three times to take another shot at the seven-figure prize pool. For each player eliminated, a progressive bounty of at least $250 will be awarded while the second portion of the bounty will go on the own head.

Estonia's Urmo Velvelt won the only Bounty Event of the festival thus far and topped a field of 4,852 entries in Event #9 $315 BOUNTY GIANT two days ago. He is not registered yet but the likes of GGPoker ambassador Felipe Ramos, Jessica Teusl, Mario Mosboeck, Rainer Kempe, GGPoker GGSquad member Patrick "Egption" Tardif, and Stefan Schillhabel are already registered.

According to the tournament lobby, the tournament is expected to run for just shy of eight hours. Stay tuned as the PokerNews live reporting team will aim to provide as many key hands as possible en route to crown another champion in this one-day event.

Winners of the 2020 GGPoker WSOP Winter Online Circuit so Far

Event #Event NameBuy-InPrize PoolEntriesWinnerTop Prize
1BIG $50$50$1,439,38631,291Aleksey "ImLuckPads" Savenkov$168,810
2Super MILLION$$10,300$5,110,000511Joaquin Melogno$636,072
3Deepstack NLHE Championship$3,000$1,436,400504Christian Jeppsson$244,202
4Monster Stack NLHE$800$1,060,2001,395Sihao "Mr_3rdBullet" Zhang$140,472
5Pot-Limit Omaha$600$1,060,2001,041Pulkit Goyal$82,052
6Mini Main Event$170$2,733,55917,478"CallMeBatya"$277,277
7NLHE 6-Handed Championship$1,500$1,266,825889Carlos "Wtfisthis" Henrique$153,213
8Marathon$600$720,4801,264Seungmook "7high" Jung$277,277
9BOUNTY GIANT$315$1,455,6004,852Urmo Velvelt$115,036
10CHRISTMAS PLOSSUS$400$2,733,55917,478Final Table Reached$178,921
WSOPC #11: $1,050 Bounty Hunters Championship
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