SCOOP-15-M: $215 NLHE [Sunday Million SE], $1M Gtd

"LuCasino777" Takes Down PokerStars 2020 SCOOP-15-M [Sunday Million SE] After Three-Way Deal for $189,348

poolshir • Nível 57: 3,000,000-6,000,000, 750,000 ante
SCOOP-15-M Top 9 Payouts

It would take a full 11 hours on the final day of the PokerStars 2020 SCOOP #15-M: $215 [Sunday Million SE] before a winner had been found in "LuCasino777" when they defeated "Andy005" heads-up after agreeing to a three-way deal. "LuCasino777" laid claim to the extra $10,000 for the winner plus the $179,348 they had already secured to collect $189,348 in total. The first Sunday Million of this year's SCOOP attracted 9,935 entries and 425 of them returned for the final day to play down to a champion.

PokerStars SCOOP-15-M: $215 [Sunday Million SE] Final Table Results

7KilledMyKQThe Netherlands$32,065

* denotes a deal

Start of the Day

When the players returned the bust-outs started flying around all over the place. "lildani9" made their mark at the start of the day by eliminating "Hoover Rat" with a nut-flush in the first twenty minutes. Day 1 chip leader "borchardt007" was off to a good start and cemented their chip lead for a while but by the time the third break came around, they had moved out of the top ten.

Gianluca "Tankanza" Speranza didn't have the easiest day and needed to double up a few times before being shot down when he shoved his last ten big blinds in with ace-jack and was looked up by "oldfandango" who held pocket queens. The queen on the flop meant Speranza's run in this tournament was over.

Big Stacks Race to the Final Table

"KilledMyKQ" took the chip lead when there were around 80 players left and stayed there for most of the rest of the day, eliminating players left, right, and center. At one point he had more than double of the players in second place. "borchardt007" fell to "Naslund44" when he ran his nines into ace-queen and then the chip lead switched around between "lildani9" and "KilledMyKQ" when the final two tables were left.

"RaZorFaZoR" fell to "f18ter", "Patakam" and "Leitnant" to "lildani9", James "deyrzuited" Noonan to "shermdog50", "renaton" to "montana99150", "djuke" to "LuCasino777" who also took out "f18ter" in the end. "Naslund44" then finished in 11th place when kings failed to stay ahead of the treys of "khannanvart".

But the final table bubble would be "yhsimplicio" when he shoved his tens into the rockets of "getpuzzled" which would propel the latter into second place in the leader board going into the final table with "lildani9" in the chip lead and "KilledMyKQ" in the middle of the pack.

Four-Hour Final Table

Fifteen minutes into the final table, it was "shermdog50" who would be eliminated by "Andy005" and then "lildani9" kept putting the pressure on the rest while increasing their chip lead. "montana99150"'s aces got cracked by "LuCasino777" who rivered trips and then "KilledMyKQ" busted when his ace-ten couldn't win against the ace-queen of "lildani9".

Shortly after, "Dijalo" was done in sixth place with "getpuzzled" leaving the final table stage a few hands later. It would take another 30 minutes before "khannanvart" was kicked out by "Andy005" who then decreased the gap between themselves and "lildani9" after deal negotiations talks were rejected by the latter. A few hands later, "Andy005" had the chip lead going into another break with "lildani9" and "LuCasino777" with pretty even stacks.

Just after the break, they discussed a deal and agreed upon one. There was some confusion when the tournament restarted as they didn't seem fully aware that they still needed to play for $10,000. Eventually, "lildani9" was eliminated in the third place when they ran their ace-four into the eights of "Andy005". But it wasn't going to go easy for "Andy005" as he lost his heads-up chip lead when they doubled up "LuCasino777" who had turned a straight.

In the final hand, "Andy005" called the shove of "LuCasino777" for their last nine big blinds with queen-ten and saw they were up against the ace-ten of "LuCasino777". The flopped gutshot didn't get there and that was the end of the tournament with "LuCasino777" taken first place but less money than "Andy005".

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