Stadium Series Freezeout Weekly Final - High: $2,100 NLHE [8-Max], $1.5M Gtd

"losero88" Triples Up

poolshir • Nível 32: 70,000-140,000, 17,500 ante
losero88 vs LeslieGroves

"losero88" shoved from under the gun for 1,294,574 and was called by "LeslieGroves" in the early position and "Philip "Grindation" McAllister" in the small blind.

The flop came {4-Clubs}{q-Clubs}{5-Hearts} for Mcallister to check-fold to the 836,245 bet of "LeslieGroves" for the cards to go on their backs.

"losero88": {a-Spades}{q-Hearts}
"LeslieGroves": {a-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds}

"losero88" had hit top pair while "LeslieGroves" held two overcards.

The rest of the board was completed with the {2-Spades} on the turn and the {a-Clubs} on the river for "losero88" to improve to two pair to triple up with.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
VladTheSlaye ua
ua 20,639,513 -35,000
Parker "tonkaaaa" Talbot
Parker "tonkaaaa" Talbot
16,526,969 -105,000
Andre "Dönig" Lettau de
Andre "Dönig" Lettau
de 8,622,078 -175,000
thx4urm0n3y ca
ca 6,726,752 637,700
LeslieGroves ru
ru 6,645,807 -1,329,575
Philip "Grindation" McAllister GB
Philip "Grindation" McAllister
GB 6,630,995 -1,469,575
losero88 GB
GB 4,181,225 2,851,650
Alexandru "alexxt7" Farcasanu ro
Alexandru "alexxt7" Farcasanu
ro 4,154,896 -340,200
Anton "Bomber&Granater" Wigg se
Anton "Bomber&Granater" Wigg
se 2,671,765 -35,000

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