2021 World Series of Poker
$300 NL Hold'em PokerStars Cup

Timothy Cipoletti Eliminated in 2nd Place ($4,900)

[user139916] • Nível 22: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Timothy Cipoletti - 2nd Place

Timothy Cipoletti limped from the button and Je Wook Oh checked his option.

The flop came down {J-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{8-Clubs} and Oh led for 33,000. Cipoletti called.

The turn was the {4-Diamonds} and Oh checked to Cipoletti who bet 53,000. Oh check-raised all in and Cipoletti let out a big sigh.

"So you don't have a straight," said Oh.

"Ha, nope, no straight. Alright I'll call," said Cipoletti, committing his remaining 500,000 or so.

Oh tabled {J-Hearts}{9-Clubs} for top two pair, leading Cipoletti's {Q-Hearts}{J-Clubs} for top pair with a straight draw.

The river was the {2-Hearts}, no help to Cipoletti, ending his tournament in second place for $4,900.

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Timothy Cipoletti US
Timothy Cipoletti
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