2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas

$5,000 Main Event
Dias: 2
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2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas

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80,000 / 160,000

Nick Maimone Leads the Field Into Day 3

Nick Maimone
Nick Maimone

The 2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event closed registration at the start of Day 2. The event attracted a total of 738 players with 699 of those registering on Day 1a and 1b and the remainder coming in before the start of play on Day 2. 28 players who won a ticket via a Spin & Go never showed up to play, but their buy-ins were added to the prize pool. With a total prize pool of $3,376,712, first place is paying $480,012 and a min cash is worth $7,260.

Aaron Paul headlined Day 1b and most of Day 2. He was, however, unable to find a bag at the end of the six levels. The Breaking Bad star was short and eventually got his remaining chips in the middle with ace-nine. Daniel Colman called with queen-ten and Paul was immediately on his feet to sweat the result of the hand. The flop and turn ran out an ace, king and two jacks; giving Colman the nut straight but Paul was live if he managed to find a way to make a full house on the river. The deuce was a brick, though, and Paul was sent to the rail with only nine spots to go until the bubble would burst.

Play ended at the end of Level 14, shortly after Noah Boeken was eliminated by Tom Janssens on the bubble. Janssens raised the cutoff and Boeken, a former EPT Copenhagen champion and Master Classics of Poker winner, jammed his remaining 15,800 all in from the big blind. Janssens called and tabled ace-five, while Boeken had the dominating pocket tens. Janssens smashed the river to make a straight, sending Boeken home in 144th place on the stone bubble.

Nick Maimone bagged the most chips at the end of the day with 689,000, with Daniel Colman close behind with 620,000. Maimone is no stranger to The Bahamas as he took second in a $5,000 event in 2015 and took down the $25,000 High Roller last year for just shy of a million dollars. Even though Maimone has just under two million in live recorded cashes, he has only a single recorded win. He'll look to book his second one later this week.

Other notable players to find a bag tonight include Pascal Lefrancois (484,500), Mike McDonald (436,000), Sylvain Loosli (374,000), Cliff Josephy (242,500), Team PokerStars Pros Jason Mercier (281,000) and Barry Greenstein (95,000) and Team Online's Jaime Staples (211,500).

Familiar faces who made it to Day 2 but did not move on include William Kassouf, Marc-Andre Ladouceur, Maria Ho, Mustafa Kanit, Jason Koon and Team PokerStars Pros Vanessa Selbst, Daniel Negreanu and Victor Ramdin.

Day 3 fires up tomorrow at noon with 125 players returning to play another six levels on the road to crowning a winner in the first-ever PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event. Blinds will start at 2,000/4,000 when the players return. Stay with us here at PokerNews for more live coverage!

TableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
11Dorian Rios PavonVenezuela52,000
12Nacho BarberoArgentina77,500
13Will FaillaUnited States39,500
14Donys Ivan Agnelli RojasVenezuela175,000
15Jacques Der MegreditchianFrance84,000
16Thomas Bo MarkussenDenmark29,500
17Axat Tulsidas MawjiUnited Kingdom169,500
18Michael VelaUnited States440,500
21Dan HøidahlNorway33,500
22Bradley SniderUnited States29,000
23Allon AllisonCanada252,000
24Paul KnebelGermany31,000
25Scott StewartUnited States115,500
26Harrison GimbelUnited States204,000
27Sam ChartierCanada157,000
28Mike McDonaldCanada436,000
31Michael ZuckermanUnited States77,000
32Smit TrivediUnited Kingdom149,000
33Luke HawardUnited Kingdom8,000
34Arnaud MatternFrance27,500
35Valentin MessinaFrance302,500
36Thomas MuehlemannSwitzerland93,500
37Byron KavermanUnited States286,000
38Hendrik LatzGermany317,500
41Pascal LefrancoisCanada184,500
42Esther TaylorUnited States35,000
43Pablo MarizCanada41,000
44Kevin AndriamahefaCanada173,500
45Myung ShinUnited States204,000
46Stein Vegar RødsethNorway99,500
47Rasmus GlæselNorway322,000
48Nick MaimoneUnited States689,000
51Francois BillardCanada20,000
52Bradley MarshCanada126,500
53Fabio FreitasBrazil149,000
54Raul MartinezSpain186,000
55Pedro Baptista Martinho CabecaPortugal428,500
56Francisco BenitezUruguay188,500
57Benjamin PhilippsUnited Kingdom250,500
58Jeremey GraysonCanada50,000
61Czeslaw SzerszenUnited States145,500
62Murad AkhundovAzerbaijan224,500
63Michael BartholomewCanada46,500
64Yakov OnuchinRussia244,500
65Jason MercierUnited States281,500
66Brian EnglandUnited States72,500
67Robert ZipfGermany51,000
68Ronan GoreyIreland202,500
71Likith GovindaiahUnited States100,000
72Ramiro PetroneArgentina265,000
73Davidi KitaiBelgium44,000
74Diego GomezSpain152,500
75Bernard LeeUnited States35,500
76Tom JanssensBelgium229,500
77Steven KerrCanada22,000
78Erling VojeNorway49,500
81Mariano MartiradonnaItaly108,000
82Nenad MedicCanada97,500
84Massimo De MarioItaly128,000
85Benjamin Wittams-SmithUnited Kingdom25,000
86James MartynCanada210,000
87Kliment TarmakovCanada140,500
88James TianUnited States147,500
91Harry RatchfordUnited States22,000
92Jorge De Oliveira LopezPortugal90,000
93Nick MossaCanada62,500
94Chance KornuthUnited States97,500
95Ami AlibayCanada300,500
96Rex ClinkscalesUnited States428,500
97Marcin KapkowskiPoland274,000
98Aleksei OpalikhinRussia387,500
101Lucian VoigtGermany167,500
102Allen KesslerUnited States152,500
103Michael GentiliCanada190,000
104Nadezhda MagnusUnited States200,500
106John EngledowUnited Kingdom136,500
107Christian HarderUnited States232,000
108Jan KralikCzech Republic203,500
111Gaelle BaumannFrance217,500
113Erick Brenes CuadraCosta Rica68,000
114Eric SemelUnited States43,000
115Barry GreensteinUnited States95,000
116Florian HaiducRomania250,000
117Mikko TurtiainenFinland160,000
118Matthew WantmanUnited States92,000
121Gautam LillaneyJamaica155,000
122Marius CazacuRomania145,000
123Adrian MateosSpain204,500
124Paul FisherUnited States32,500
125Damien SteelCanada257,000
126Stig MoenNorway205,000
127Vincent MoscatiUnited States17,500
128Mattias PrioloSweden274,000
131John DibellaUnited States80,000
132Jackduyph DuongUnited States142,000
133Kyle ZechnerCanada113,500
134James JuvancicUnited States431,500
135Dan ColmanUnited States620,000
136Martin RausCanada19,500
137Patrick StaceyCayman Islands111,500
138Justin OuimetteCanada133,500
141Joaquin WalterUruguay125,000
142Sylvain LoosliFrance374,000
143Andrew RyanUnited States307,500
144Richard SeymourUnited States110,000
145Daniel WeinmanUnited States167,000
146Erik LemarquandCanada49,000
147Tony TranUnited States298,000
148Lucas GreenwoodCanada173,000
151Andjelko AndrejevicUnited States103,500
152Ryan RiessUnited States249,500
153Jaime StaplesCanada211,500
154Benoit GallandCanada39,000
155Cliff JosephyUnited States242,500
156Shawn BuchananCanada286,500
157Alan ScheinUnited States112,500
158Willliam Batista ArrudaBrazil360,000
161Stanislav MiroshkinRussia44,000
162Pedro Da Cunha Cavalieri DoroBrazil61,500
163Rodrigo CordobaArgentina364,500
164Michael ScarboroughUnited States108,000
165Michael BillsUnited States162,500
166Paul EphremsenUnited Kingdom182,500
167Pratyush BuddigaUnited States177,500
168Benjamin ZamaniUnited States81,000

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Govert Metaal and Gabriel Attiave Both Bust to Mike Vela

Nível 14 : 1,500/3,000, 500 ante
Govert Metaal
Govert Metaal

Both Gabriel Attiave and Govert Metaal were short after the bubble, and each got their respective stacks in preflop while Mike Vela and another player had side action.

A bet from Vela on a {6-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{3-Spades} flop got the other active player to fold, and then all three players tabled their hands.

Metaal: {a-Hearts}{k-Hearts}
Attiave: {a-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}
Vela: {a-Clubs}{10-Clubs}

Vela paired his ten on the flop to take the lead, and he held it when the {6-Hearts} appeared on the turn followed by the {2-Clubs} on the river. With that, Vela scored the double elimination.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Michael Vela us
Michael Vela
450,000 50,000
WPT 1X Winner
Govert Metaal nl
Govert Metaal
Gabriel Attiave ca
Gabriel Attiave

Tags: Gabriel AttiaveGovert MetaalMike Vela

Noah Boeken Bubbles the PokerStars Championship Bahamas

Nível 14 : 1,500/3,000, 500 ante
Noah Boeken
Noah Boeken

With several short stacks just hanging on hoping to survive the bubble, the atmosphere was tense in the Imperial Ballroom of the Atlantis resort. Just one more player would go empty-handed, but who would it be? Davidi Kitai, one of the shortest players in the tournament, was eyeing the other stacks, other shorties walked around as well to see where they ranked.

Over on Table 2, Belgian player Tom Janssens raised the cutoff and Dutchman Noah Boeken in the big blind shoved for 15,800. Janssens did not hesitate and called.

Action was once again paused, waiting for the other tables to finish. "I have a very bad hand" Boeken admitted, but he did know he was in front as Janssens had admitted what he had already.

It turned out two more players would end up all-in that hand, but it was Boeken versus Janssens who showed first.

Noah Boeken: {10-Spades}{10-Clubs}
Tom Janssens: {A-Clubs}{5-Spades}

With the cameras buzzing and the onlookers holding their breath, the dealer burned a card and placed the first three community cards just above the divider line in the middle of the table: {Q-Hearts}{4-Clubs}{8-Hearts}.

So far, things were looking good for Boeken but the turn would change that. Janssens asked for a six to spice things up but instead got the {2-Diamonds}, which still made things interesting.

Jason Mercier predicted the three to come and so it did: {3-Clubs} on the river to give Janssens a wheel and Boeken's dream of cashing the first ever PokerStars Championship were crushed.

The former EPT Copenhagen and Master Classics of Poker champion could still chop a min cash if one or two of the other players that were at risk would bust, but he would not get so lucky. Both shorties doubled and Boeken ended up as the pure and only bubble.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Noah Boeken nl
Noah Boeken
EPT 1X Winner

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Breaking: Bad Beat Sends Aaron Paul Packing

Nível 13 : 1,200/2,400, 400 ante
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul

He got it in good, but he busted bad. Aaron Paul, famous as TV's Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, busted nine players from the money here on Day 2 of the PokerStars Championship Bahamas.

With just nine places to go until the money bubble will burst, Paul got his chips in good, moving all-in with {A-Clubs}{9-Hearts}. He was eventually called by the preflop aggressor Daniel Colman, who has made it 5,000 to go from under the gun in the first place. Colman called it off with {Q-Spades}{10-Diamonds} after asking Paul if he wanted a call. That question got a poker face - he's a major Hollywood actor, yo! But once the cards were on their backs, Paul was on his feet, hoping to hold.

The flop of {J-Spades}{J-Hearts}{K-Spades} kept Paul on The Path to a vital double-up, but the {A-Diamonds} turn gave Colman a Broadway straight, and Paul span on his heels in frustation. An 'Argh' and a grimace, but the film and television star still had hope. Another ace or a third jack on the board would give him a full house, but he couldn't find his outs as the {2-Spades} came on the river to send him crashing out just before the money.

"So close." said Paul, and he gallantly shook hands with Colman.

Of all the players he shared a table with over the past couple of days, Paul and Colman seemed to have the most to talk about, with Colman reminiscing about watching early episodes of Breaking Bad while playing online among other subjects. It was Colman who did for Paul's chances in the Main Event, however, and as he made his way from the table, Paul had just three words for the players he shared his last table with.

"Good luck, boys!"

With just eight to go from the money, some will need fortune more than others. Daniel Colman doesn't need a bit of it, sitting behind 375,000 chips.

Aaron Paul
Jogador Fichas Progresso
Daniel Colman us
Daniel Colman
375,000 305,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Aaron Paul us
Aaron Paul

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Kaverman Gets Gonzalez

Nível 13 : 1,200/2,400, 400 ante
Byron Kaverman
Byron Kaverman

Byron Kaverman may be one of those 'computers' that Kevin Hart joked about here the other day in the Bahamas. He's certainly playing like a machine and building a stack once more, just a matter of hours after finishing third in the $50,000 Single Re-Entry High Roller!

We joined the action between Kaverman and Gonzalez with the board complete and showing {K-Diamonds}{4-Spades}{Q-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{4-Diamonds} and Kaverman betting 25,000 into a pot of 40,000. Gonzalez went in to the tank for so long that the clock was called on him, but before the clock had really start ticking on him, he moved all-in. Kaverman called and showed {A-Hearts}{A-Diamonds} and that was better than Gonzalez' {J-Diamonds}{J-Spades} . He made his way from the room and Kaverman piled yet another big stack here in the Bahamas. Can he make back-to-back final tables?

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Byron Kaverman us
Byron Kaverman
185,000 71,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Fabrizio Gonzalez uy
Fabrizio Gonzalez

Tags: Byron KavermanFabrizio Gonzalez

"Timex" Hopes to Correct Poker Market, Cater to Fans

Nível 12 : 1,000/2,000, 300 ante
Mike McDonald
Mike McDonald

Any time a new poker-related business venture gets introduced, poker players and industry observers everywhere often collectively set lines on how long this venture will last.

With the new PokerShares website introduced by Mike "Timex" McDonald via a Twitter post Jan. 4, things feel a little different. That's because the poker world has always been enamored with action, and this represents more of it with the chance to bet on the performance of players. In part, it's because PokerShares has the potential to change the landscape of the tournament poker action-selling market and give poker fans a connection to players with real, monetary incentives.

It all started as almost a joke on a poker forum nearly a decade ago.

What McDonald estimates was about nine years ago, selling bundles of action was becoming more and more the norm, and pricing started to climb as sellers realized they could make out like bandits with high mark-up. Playing a $10,000 event? Sell 40 percent at 1.25 and you've made a cool $1,000 in no time.

Some felt things were getting out of hand. Players named their own prices, and yet buyers still clamored for action — these are poker players, after all. McDonald was among those casting a skeptical eye on some of the prices he saw. He looked at one long-forgotten posting and wondered at the state of things.

"Someone was selling at some crazy markup and I was just like, I'd bet against this guy at this rate," he recalled. "For a long time, I've felt the poker marketplace was not very fair to buyers."

The seeds had been planted for what would become the Bank of Timex. In June 2013, McDonald opened the Bank of Timex Twitter account. He originally wasn't intending to make many bets, but he wanted to have a platform to have some fun and call out players selling action at absurd prices. The response from the community blew McDonald away.

"Within a week, it had like 1,000 followers," McDonald said. "People were messaging me... I never anticipated it would get as popular as it did."

With that popularity, though, came potential scrutiny. Veron Lammers, a friend "well-versed in the gambling industry", alerted McDonald to the perils of what he was doing: essentially acting as a bookmaker. McDonald, 23 at the time, decided he shouldn't take any chances and quickly opted to shut down the unofficial book, at least publicly.

Behind the scenes, the wheels spun for at least one associate of McDonald's. Lammers, who has now become McDonald's chief business partner in PokerShares, is "one of the best no-limit deepstack players in the world" according to Timex. He accepted an opportunity to provide McDonald some coaching and the two have become friends.

"Why don't you actually try to get it licensed?" Lammers asked. "Why don't you actually try to turn this into a business?"

McDonald's only answer was "laziness," so Lammers, who had experience setting up international companies, agreed to take on most of the behind-the-scenes duties if McDonald took charge of things like pricing and marketing on the front end. For the past 18 months, the two have worked to form what's become PokerShares.

The workload has become intense in recent weeks leading up the site's launch and McDonald arrived at the PokerStars Championship Bahamas with a new outlook on the game. Where he would once be looking to ship some of the biggest tournaments in the world with his trademark glare etched on his features, McDonald now throws on a PokerShares shirt and sees an opportunity to market a hit venture and relax away from the office.

Normally a familiar face in the $100,000 Super High Roller, McDonald skipped the event because he didn't feel ready for that caliber of competition. It's perhaps a surprising admission for a man who has built a ledger that makes him one of the true legends of both online and live poker. He's cashed for over $13 million live alone, with much of his success coming in some of the very nosebleeds he bypassed here.

"I feel like my game is fairly rusty right now," McDonald admitted. "I just don't think I'm very likely to bring my A-game or even my B-game."

McDonald estimates he's played about 200 hands of poker in the past four months and lost countless more potential playing hours working on PokerShares and other projects. The results bear that out: McDonald cashed for just $544,361 live in 2016, only his second year in the past seven scoring less than $1 million.

Now, he's here at PokerStars Championship Bahamas, which also happens to be the first big event with listed prices on PokerShares. McDonald himself was the primary force shaping those prices, which gives an interesting look at how at least one person ranks the relative abilities of poker players.

For example, the $25,000 High Roller lists 23 players that users can invest in. At the top of the list price-wise are Fedor Holz and Christoph Vogelsang each with a mark-up of 1.5 — it costs €1.50 to buy €1 of action. On the other end of the spectrum, recreational players Paul Newey and Bill Perkins are listed at 1.07. Prices are listed in euros, as PokerShares doesn't accept action from American customers due to U.S. sports-betting laws.

McDonald knows he won't be making any friends in some cases when players see themselves priced down, something he said was "inevitability."

"I'm sure there are some acquaintances and people in my friends circle that aren't thinking so highly of me," he said. "With all of the people that I actually care about, I don't think it'll have any sort of effect. It's purely business."

Another aspect of PokerShares that McDonald already sees the community getting excited for is the chance to sweat players like Daniel Negreanu and Erik Seidel. Such players, enriched by their vast poker success and having built a strong circle of friends, have no need to sell action to the general public.

That option now exists thanks to PokerShares.

"You would not believe how many people there are who just bet €1 on Daniel Negreanu in the $100K," Timex said. "It gives the viewer and fan at home an opportunity they've never really had before."

McDonald said buzz and response has been huge. Even people outside the poker and gambling worlds have responded. While enjoying a drink at a bar recently, a representative of a venture capital company recognized McDonald and asked if McDonald would get in touch with his employer.

Company emails have been inundated with résumés and job applications — PokerShares isn't currently hiring — from people who see an opportunity with a company that has upside.

Given all that, and McDonald's commitment to a large role with the company moving forward, he can envision a future where he's no longer a professional poker player.

"I don't know how big this will get," he said. "But, if it gets to be pretty big, I could see poker becoming my secondary thing and this being my primary thing."

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Quads Versus Full House

Nível 11 : 800/1,600, 200 ante
Andjelko Andrejevic (photo from an earlier event)
Andjelko Andrejevic (photo from an earlier event)

We just caught the showdown portion of an interesting hand, but the winner of the hand was kind enough to fill us in on the details after he was done stacking his newfound chips.

Andjelko Andrejevic, who won the 2015 ACOP High Roller back in 2015 and won a Deepstack Extravaganza event and the WPT Amsterdam in 2016, opened the button for 3,500. Brazilian player Fabio Sousa called from the big blind.

Sousa check-called 4,000 on {3-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{9-Clubs} and check-called another 6,500 on the {7-Hearts} turn before he checked a third time on the {5-Clubs} river. Andrejevic bet 18,000 and Sousa shoved for 45,000 or so. Andrejevic was quick to call with his {5-Diamonds}{5-Spades} for rivered quads. Sousa just stood there aghast and open mucked his {7-Clubs}{7-Spades}.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Andjelko Andrejevic rs
Andjelko Andrejevic
155,000 74,100
WPT 1X Winner
Fabio Sousa br
Fabio Sousa

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Dawley Done For

Nível 11 : 800/1,600, 200 ante
Jessica Dawley
Jessica Dawley

Jessica Dawley has busted out of the PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event here on Day 2.

Betting to 3,400 preflop from the hijack position, she got one caller to a flop of {J-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}{7-Spades}. Checked to, Dawley continued for 2,800 and again got a call.

On the turn of {A-Hearts}, Dawley bet 5,300, and her opponent check-called again. However, on the {Q-Spades} river, her bet of 5,000 was check-raised all-in. Only having around 7,00 let, Dawley called and flipped over her hand of {A-Diamonds}{K-Clubs}, but her opponent held {3-Diamonds}{3-Clubs} and had flopped a set. Dawley headed for the door.

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Todd Peterson and Bryn Kenney Eliminated in the Same Hand

Nível 10 : 600/1,200, 200 ante
Bryn Kenney
Bryn Kenney

Bryn Kenney's Main Event lasted less than a level.

He moved all in for his last 6,500 from middle position and Diego Gomez called from the cutoff. Todd Peterson, one hand removed from doubling Taha Maruf, then three-bet to around 27,000 from the button. Both blinds folded and Gomez called to put both Kenney and Peterson at risk.

Peterson: {6-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}
Gomez: {k-Clubs}{j-Clubs}
Kenney: {k-Diamonds}{6-Spades}

The {3-Spades}{k-Hearts}{10-Hearts} flop was gin for Gomez, and he scored the double elimination after the {4-Hearts} appeared on the turn followed by the {9-Hearts} on the river.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Diego Gomez es
Diego Gomez
100,000 49,900
Todd Peterson us
Todd Peterson
Bryn Kenney us
Bryn Kenney
WSOP 1X Winner

Tags: Bryn KenneyDiego GomezTodd Peterson

Update Your Own Chip Count Using the PokerNews MyStack App!

Nível 10 : 600/1,200, 200 ante
PokerNews My Stack App
PokerNews My Stack App

PokerNews has activated the MyStack App for this event, allowing you to directly adjust your chip counts in our live reporting blog using your iPhone or Android phone.

You can download the app for iPhone or Android now to get started. Then, create a new PokerNews account or update your current one to start updating your status immediately. Your followers can see all the live action that you're involved in.

Click here to download the My Stack app for iPhone, or click here to download the My Stack app for Android.