$25,750 Pot Limit Omaha High Roller

Haxton Doubles Through Varonen

mnuwwarah • Nível 5: 300-600, 0 ante

In what looked to be a three-bet pot with about 11,000 in the middle, Isaac Haxton checked a {10-Hearts}{6-Clubs}{5-Clubs} flop. Lauri Varonen bet 7,000 and Haxton called. The turn was a {4-Hearts} and Haxton checked. Varonen bet 20,000, and Haxton thought a bit and put his remaining 42,100 in. Varonen called.

Varonen: {a-Spades}{10-Spades}{6-Hearts}{2-Hearts}
Haxton: {a-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}

Haxton was in command with a set and needed to dodge a few river cards, namely hearts and threes. The river was a {2-Diamonds} and Haxton doubled through.

Varonen doubled the next hand through Ben Tollerene in a three-bet pot when {9-Spades}{a-Clubs}{5-Spades} flopped. Varonen got it in with {k-Spades}{k-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{2-Clubs} and held against {8-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{6-Clubs}.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Isaac Haxton us
Isaac Haxton
us 109,000 45,000
Ben Tollerene us
Ben Tollerene
us 60,000 -14,000
Lauri Varonen fi
Lauri Varonen
fi 31,000 -31,000

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