H-58: $10,300 Thursday Thriller [Bounty]

"illywilly97" Rebuys, Doubles through Haxton

• Nível 11: 3,000-6,000, 900 ante

Shortly after rebuying, "illywilly97" raised early to 12,000, then shoved for 99,100 when Isaac Haxton raised the cutoff to 31,650. Haxton called in a dominated spot.

Isaac Haxton: {k-Clubs}{10-Clubs}
"illywilly97": {a-Clubs}{k-Diamonds}

Board: {8-Spades}{2-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}

"illywilly97" was ahead the whole way, but the ace on the river sealed it for them.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
illywilly97 ca
ca 213,500 213,500
Isaac Haxton us
Isaac Haxton
us 167,643 -163,700