2021 GG Spring Festival

H-108: $10,300 Super MILLION$ [2-day event]
Dias: 2

David Coleman Eliminated in 2nd Place ($502,622)

Nível 43 : 200,000-400,000, 50,000 ante
Coleman eliminated by Leikkonen
Coleman eliminated by Leikkonen

The action commenced with a button min-raise to 800,000 by David Coleman and Markus Leikkonen elected to defend the big blind. The flop brought {6-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{2-Spades} and Leikkonen check-called for 860,000. That exact action repeated on the {2-Hearts} turn for 400,000 and Leikkonen also checked the {6-Hearts} river.

Coleman moved all-in for nearly two times the pot and jammed for 8,380,428, nearly 21 big blinds. Leikkonen snap-called and had set the trap with {k-Spades}{6-Clubs} for sixes full. Coleman went down with a gusty bluff, holding just {9-Diamonds}{7-Spades}. The American poker pro had to settle for the runner-up spot and takes home $502,622.

For nosebleed heads-up cash game player Leikkonen, the festival ends with a victory and top prize of $651,821. A full recap of today's action is to follow.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Markus Leikkonen fi
Markus Leikkonen
34,700,000 10,080,428
David Coleman us
David Coleman

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