2019 PokerStars.es EPT Barcelona

€2,200 EPT National High Roller
Dias: 2

Max Deveson Eliminated in 4th Place (€149,030)

Nível 34 : 150,000-300,000, 300,000 ante
Max Deveson
Max Deveson

Alexander Ivarsson shoved all in from the small blind and Max Deveson instantly called from the big blind for around 4,500,000 total.

Alexander Ivarsson: {k-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}
Max Deveson: {a-Hearts}{q-Hearts}

A Casino Royale-esque flop of {k-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{6-Clubs} got the audience on their feet, giving Ivarsson two pair but Deveson plenty of chance with the nut flush draw. However, the {7-Clubs} turn and {5-Clubs} river were two blanks, and Deveson had to depart in fourth place.

Max Deveson
Max Deveson
Jogador Fichas Progresso
Alexander Ivarsson se
Alexander Ivarsson
25,500,000 5,000,000
Max Deveson gb
Max Deveson

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