2021 World Series of Poker
€5,300 Main Event

Break; What Happened in Level 26

• Nível 26: 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante

The remaining 80 minutes of level 26 are in the books. The players now have a 20-minute break.

They played for almost a full level and it resulted in exit of Tomas Macnamara in sixth place. Meanwhile, chipleader Mats Karlsson gained a lot more chips as he won a big pot against Dmitry Yurasov.

Short stack Aliaksei Boika doubled up early in the day and won some more in the remainder of the level he now sits in second place.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Mats Karlsson mt
Mats Karlsson
mt 5,970,000 80,000
Aliaksei Boika by
Aliaksei Boika
by 3,940,000 310,000
Peter Ockenden gb
Peter Ockenden
gb 1,895,000 405,000
Dmitry Yurasov ru
Dmitry Yurasov
ru 1,160,000 -690,000
Elie Saad LB
Elie Saad
LB 1,020,000 -760,000

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