2021 World Series of Poker
€5,300 Main Event

Herzali and Cartarius Among Big Stacks

[user38873] • Nível 12: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

Sarah Herzali and Louis Cartarius are sitting next to each other and just got involved into a little pot. On the {J-Spades}{J-Clubs}{7-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{A-Spades} river, Herzali checked and Cartarius bet 20,000. Herzali called and then mucked when she was shown the {A-Hearts}{Q-Spades} by her table neighbor.

"Nice hand," Herzali said and mucked while Cartarius was relieved. "I thought you were gonna raise," the German added.

Below are some further chip counts of big stacks and notables.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Sarah Herzali fr
Sarah Herzali
fr 332,000 -43,200
Piotr Franczak PL
Piotr Franczak
PL 331,000 6,000
Davidi Kitai be
Davidi Kitai
be 330,000 27,000
Louis Cartarius DE
Louis Cartarius
DE 320,000 160,000
Simon Amyot CA
Simon Amyot
CA 250,000 90,000
Thomas Lentrodt de
Thomas Lentrodt
de 235,000 151,100
Gianfranco Visalli IT
Gianfranco Visalli
IT 200,000 118,400
Dietrich Fast de
Dietrich Fast
de 160,000 88,800
Brian Altman us
Brian Altman
us 130,000 6,000

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