2021 World Series of Poker
€5,300 Main Event

Quiet Please! Kassouf Wants to Bluff

• Nível 3: 100-200, 25 ante

William Kassouf just arrived and is chatting away as always. He's seated to the left of Tobias Peters, who isn't very quiet himself.

Peters just ask one of his fellow countrymen to take a picture of him and Kassouf sitting and the table.

Kassouf then got involved in a hand and the board ran out {5-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}. Kassouf started talking to his opponent, Avihai Smadga.

"If you have a full house you win, otherwise I win", he said. "You don't have a queen, I don't have a queen, I promise", he added.

Peters tried to join the conversation but was silenced by Kassouf. "Quiet, I try to bluff the gentleman."

Actually, Kassouf wasn't bluffing. His 2,550-riverbet got called and he tabled {K-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds} for the flopped flush.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
William Kassouf gb
William Kassouf
gb 35,000 5,000

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