2021 World Series of Poker
€5,300 Main Event

The Maltese Are Here

• Nível 2: 75-150, 0 ante
Jackie Cachia

A lot of poker players are living on Malta but only a few of them originate from this island country.

There are four Maltese players in the field today. One of them is Mark Vella. The local hero just lost a small pot against Natalia Panchenko but nothing much to worry about.

The other three players are really close to the top of the Maltese all-time money list. Charlo Azzopardi is placed in second on that list with $116,260. In fourth, we find Konrad Abela who's just $30,000 behind Azzopardi.

Jacqueline Cachia is placed in between those gentlemen.

She just lost a small pot against Miroslav Forman. He three-betted Cachia's opening raise to 1,050 and Cachia called. She check-called 900 on the {9-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{K-Clubs} flop.

Both checked when the {9-Clubs} came down on the turn. Cachia then check-folded to a 3,700-bet when the {A-Hearts} showed up at the river.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Konrad Abela pl
Konrad Abela
pl 32,000 32,000
Mark Vella mt
Mark Vella
mt 29,000 29,000
Jacqueline Cachia mt
Jacqueline Cachia
mt 28,000 -2,000
Charlo Azzopardi mt
Charlo Azzopardi
mt 26,000 26,000

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