$10,000 Main Event

Seven Levels of Play Today


The Main Event starts at 12:30 p.m., or in about 90 minutes time. Players will begin with a starting stack of 30,000 with levels being 90 minutes long throughout. Play will move to eight-handed as soon as possible on Day 1, and will remain eight-handed until 36 players remain, at which time play will move to 6 handed.

There will be a redraw for seating prior to the commencement of Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 and when 36 players remain. Late registration is available until the end of level eight.

Here's the schedule for today's action:

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindAnte
Break 15 minutes   
Break 15 minutes   
Break 15 minutes   
Dinner Break 75 minutes   
Break 15 minutes   
Break 15 minutes   

A Little History Lesson on the Aussie Millions

Melbourne Skyline - Yarra River
Melbourne Skyline - Yarra River

The Aussie Millions goes way back: People were playing it well before most tournaments in Europe and the States were even initiated. Back in 1998, it was Alex Horowitz who won what was then referred to as the "Australian Poker Championships." Horowitz won the championship playing limit hold'em and bought in for just $1,000. He walked away with a quarter of the $74,000 prize pool.

The buy-in remained $1,000 in 1999 but the game was changed from limit hold'em to the more popular pot-limit hold'em. In the year 2000, the buy-in was upped to $1,500 and the game transitioned to no-limit hold'em. The game would stay no-limit hold'em from there on out but the buy-in would drastically increase over the years. While it was still a $1,500 in 2001, things sped up from there on, as the 2002 edition demanded players to buy in for $5,000. Only a year later, in 2003, it was doubled to $10,000.

In 2007, none other than Gus Hansen reigned supreme, besting a field of 747 to walk away a $1.5-million winner. His run to Aussie gold was televised and featured in a popular television show. Hansen himself wrote down every single hand he played and wrote them all up in his famed book Every Hand Revealed. The next year, the Aussie Millions attracted its biggest field to date with 780 players. Russian player Alexander Kostritsyn beat a field of 780 players to take home $1,650,000. Kostritsyn would become one of the most feared online players as he ruled the Full Tilt Poker tables as "PostFlopAction" and today just about runs PokerStars under his screen name "joiso."

The Aussie Millions is without a doubt the Southern Hemisphere's most prestigious poker tournament. Last year, while part of the PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour, the tournament attracted a massive field of 732, just about unprecedented for a $10,000 event outside of Las Vegas. This year, the Aussie Millions operates once again as a standalone event.

Below is a historical table of the event, dating all the way back to 1998:

YearEntriesPrize Pool (AU$)WinnerFirst Prize (AU$)
199874$74,000Alex Horowitz$25,900
1999109$109,000Milo Nadalin$38,150
2000109$173,500Leo Boxell$65,225
2001101$151,500Sam Korman$53,025
200266$330,000John Maver$150,000
2003122$1,220,000Peter Costa$394,870
2004133$1,330,000Tony Bloom$426,500
2005263$2,630,000Jamil Dia$1,000,000
2006418$4,180,000Lee Nelson$1,295,800
2007747$7,470,000Gus Hansen$1,500,000
2008780$7,758,500Alexander Kostritsyn$1,650,000
2009681$6,810,000Stewart Scott$2,000,000
2010746$7,460,000Tyron Krost$2,000,000
2011721$7,210,000David Gorr$2,000,000
2012659$6,590,000Oliver Speidel$1,600,000
2013629$6,290,000Mervin Chan$1,600,000
2014668$6,680,000Ami Barer$1,600,000
2015648$6,480,000Manny Stavropoulos$1,385,500
2016732$7,320,000Ari Engel$1,600,000

Big things are expected this year and PokerNews will be there to cover it all. PokerNews will bring all the live updates, quality photos and a PokerNews-hosted livestream commentated on by Jason Somerville. Find the schedule of events PokerNews will cover on the floor below.

Over on AussieMillions.com you can find the entire schedule of events as PDF. Check the 2017 Aussie Millions landing page for everything you need to know about the Aussie Millions.

Jan. 20$25,000 Challenge - Day 1$24,000 + $1,000
Jan. 21$25,000 Challenge - Day 2$24,000 + $1,000
Jan. 22Main Event - Day 1 Flight 1$10,000 + $600
 $100,000 Challenge Day 1$98,000 + $2,000
Jan. 23Main Event - Day 1 Flight 2$10,000 + $600
 $100,000 Challenge Day 2$98,000 + $2,000
Jan. 24Main Event - Day 1 Flight 3$10,000 + $600
Jan. 25Main Event - Day 2 
Jan. 26Main Event - Day 3 
Jan. 27Main Event - Day 4 
Jan. 28$100,000 Challenge - Final Table 
Jan. 29$250,000 Challenge - Day 1$245,000 + $5,000
 Main Event - Final Table 
Jan. 30$250,000 Challenge - Day 2 

Jason Somerville To Broadcast Aussie Millions Poker Championship from Twitch

Jason Somerville
Jason Somerville

Jason Somerville will again partner with Crown's 2017 Aussie Millions Poker Championship as the exclusive broadcast partner of the series Jan. 27 through Jan. 29.

"I'm honored and thrilled to be partnering with Crown Melbourne to showcase the 2017 Aussie Millions once again on Twitch," Somerville said in a release. "The Aussie Millions is one of the most premiere and prestigious poker tournaments on the planet and I'm excited to present the action once again to fans around the globe. Last year's broadcast was the most-watched live poker Twitch event of the year and I'm certain this year's shows will be even better."

Crown made a media announcement stating he will broadcast live from Twitch.TV during the poker series.

"I’m absolutely delighted to again partner with Jason Somerville to live stream key moments from the 2017 Aussie Millions," said Joel Williams, Crown Melbourne's tournament director, in the release. "Last year confirmed Jason’s overall appeal and immense talent and I feel confident that this year’s production will be even more enjoyable and relevant to the poker-viewing community. What better way to showcase Australasia’s premier poker event?"

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Aussie Millions Tournament Director Joel Williams Predicts Larger 2017 Field

Joel Williams
Joel Williams

In 2014, as Joel Williams took on his first solo year as tournament director for Crown Melbourne, a local player qualified in a $65 satellite for the Opening Event and eventually took sixth for $63K.

He had previously played in tournaments in the $50 to $100 range, so this was a huge score. Thus, when it came time to collect, the player requested his entire sum in $50 notes – simply because he’d never felt so much cash before in his life.

This is Williams’ favorite memory of the Aussie Millions. So far. It stands next to the Manny Stavropoulos Main Event win a year later because a local triumphed over a star-studded field with very little experience.

The Aussie Millions, as one of players’ favorite tournaments of the year, will have more offerings this year and up the turnout, despite PokerStars’ absence.

“I think we’ve stamped ourselves as a ‘must attend’ stop on the global poker calendar,” Williams said. “From the high roller events to the Opening Event that offers a $1 million prize pool guarantee through to a full complement of poker disciplines right across the board, we absolutely endeavor to offer something for everyone.”

This year is no different. Last year’s satellites generated a record of 312 entries to the Main Event. The local satellite program for the Aussie Millions is up over 100 percent year-on-year and two Aussie Millions Warm-Up Weeks enabled 25 players to already lock in their seats.

This year’s Main Event will exceed last year’s total of 732, due to the success of these warm-up weeks, in-room satellites and the upcoming 10 Seat Guarantee. The number of email inquiries, hotel bookings and wire transfer requests already received make Williams think the 2017 field will be even stronger.

Williams looks at the numbers and the events already slotted and said this year promises to be even bigger than the previously-eclipsed $1 million guarantee of yesteryear. A four-flight Opening Event starts the series off with a bang and crowd pleasers like the $1,150 Six-Max, $1,650 Bounty and $1,500 Deep Freeze will make a reappearance.

Events will recognize past Aussie Millions winners and current Australian Hall of Famers in addition to the range of high roller and super high roller events that will already attract players, given Aussie Millions’ reputation of hosting world-class tournaments with some of the world’s best staff.

“Both Aussie Millions and the city of Melbourne serve to attract players from all across the globe each and every year,” Williams said. “We believe our tournament structures and cash-game offerings are world class and remain confident that the Crown Melbourne complex ranks among the most luxurious in the world.”

Even so, growth and constant evolution are a focus and the tournament will continue with its preference of having players dictate its next direction, Williams said.

New events on the schedule include the $1,150 PLO Hi-Lo, due to overwhelming public demand, and Aussie Millions’ own Hyper Turbo 10/10/10. The tournament’s additional location in the exhibition hall grows the tournament’s table count by 35 tables, placing the total at almost 100 tables.

Crown Poker has always prided itself on both embracing change as well as remaining up-to-date with current player preferences and trends.

“Hi-Lo has been in the Aussie Millions ‘wilderness’ for far too long and I’m delighted to offer it as a championship event again,” Williams said. “The Hyper Turbo has attracted gone from almost a ‘cult’ following at Crown Melbourne to steadily growing in popularity with players of all types and sizes. To now see it slotted on the official championship schedule is (personally) extremely satisfying.”

Williams’ favorite event is the Hyper Turbo 10/10/10 because the action speeds up while retaining enough integrity to be called a championship event. He says he’s excited to see how it turns out on an international stage in the Aussie Millions.

Other favorites are the Main Event – because of the most attention and backstories developed out of it – and the $25 and $100K Challenges, as their growth continues to rise.

These changes are in an effort to meet the needs of today’s players, consistently changing since the Aussie Millions’ launch in 2001.

“Crown Poker has always prided itself on both embracing change as well as remaining up-to-date with current player preferences and trends,” Williams said. “We are constantly evolving and remain committed to seek out and embrace player feedback and suggestions.”

This year, unlike last, will have a noticeable absence: PokerStars. Going it alone, Williams said, is something that may impact the tournament but brings up the tournament’s history prior to PokerStars as well.

“All good things come to an end!" he said. "We were really grateful for the time with PokerStars and feel that both benefited from the experience. It’s important to remember however that Aussie Millions has grown organically over a number of years prior to the Stars deal and as such we’re excited to begin a new journey starting in 2017.”

Jason Somerville was the exclusive broadcast partner of Aussie Millions last year on Twitch. Williams said that medium was amazing for people seeking content and completely new and foreign to the tournament.

“To work so closely with Jason was fantastic and the live stream viewer numbers reinforced the fact that this is definitely the right direction for poker streaming in future,” he said.

Somerville will commentate on the Aussie Millions live stream, which is currently scheduled for Jan. 27 (Main Event Day 4), Jan. 28 ($100K Challenge Final Table) and Jan. 29 (Main Event Final Table).

For players just tuning into the Aussie Millions for the first time in Australia, Williams had these recommendations.

“Ensure that you eat, drink and experience all that Melbourne has to offer in January,” he said. “From the amazing cafes, restaurants and bars, through to the Australian Open Tennis and International Cricket just five minutes down to the road, Melbourne is such a vibrant and exciting city that we always urge players to take some time away from the felt to explore the world’s ‘most livable city.’”

Reporting contributed by Frank Op de Woerd

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