2017 888poker Super XL Series

Super XL Series Recaps
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Day 1: Canadian "Mindcrushers" wins Opening Event for $28,224

It must have been a good feeling for tournament players when they woke up on Thursday. It was time for the start of the latest edition of the 2017 Super XL Series on the second largest online poker room 888poker. On the first day of the series, three tournaments started resulting in three winners from three different countries. Let's see the results!

$109 Event #1: $80,000 Super XL - Opening Event

$100+919 January392$117,600

After over 10 hours of play, Canada's Mindcrushers won the $109 Event #1: $80,000 Super XL - Opening Event For $28,224. The opening event attracted 1,033 players and 535 rebuys to generate a $156,800 prize pool, or almost double the $80,000 guarantee.

5Luis "pegAAmigo" Dono$7,840
9Chris "888Moorman" Moorman$1,882

Among those in the field were several 888poker Ambassadors including Brazil's Nico "nicoferrow" Villa-Lobos, Germany's Natalie "888NatalieH" Hof and United Kingdom's Chris "888Moorman" Moorman.

While Villa-Lobos (245th) and Hof (157th) were both eliminated before the money, Moorman managed a deep run all the way to the final table where he exited the tournament in ninth place to collect $1,882 after his ace-jack proved to be no match for the pocket queens held by MindCrushers.

After Moorman was eliminated, Brazil's liincownz (eighth - $3,136), TheMulletman (seventh - $4,704) and Poland's silskyer (sixth - $6,272) were all eliminated in quick succession.

Luis "pegAAmigo" Dono was then eliminated by clmbndream in fifth place for $7,840 when his ace-nine was unable to catch up to his opponent's ace-jack. About half an hour later, Mexico's LrdofDonkTwn was eliminated in fourth place for $11,289.60 when his ace-five was crushed by Mindcrushers' ace-jack.

Without too much delay, play was heads-up after trojanmouse got it all in with ace-nine and was subsequently eliminated in third place for $15,053 against clmbndream who held ace-king.

Mindcrushers entered heads-up play with an almost five-to-one chip advantage. However, climbndream battled back to eventually take a four to one chip advantage himself. Mindcrushers was able to retake the lead, this time for good when heor she hit a straight after going all in with queen-jack against his opponent's ace-five. Mindcrushers eliminated climbndreams in second place for $20,117 after his queen-ten was able to edge out his opponent's ace-jack.

$12 Event #2: $15,000 Super XL - Mini Opening Event

$10+219 January2,099$36,133.50

For the players who couldn't afford the bigger opening event ($109) there was a smaller tournament starting just a minute later. The buy-in for this event was just $12 and a total of 2,099 players registered to create a prize pool of $36,133.50. The winner awaited a price of $5,709.09 while 252 players would cash at least $32,52 for making the money.

This time the only 888poker Ambassador playing the tournament was Natalie "888natalieH" Hof. She busted in 1,343th place, far from reaching the money. Hours after Hof busted, the final table with nine players cashing a minimum price of $422.76 was reached..

This was the most "certhh" could get, because he finished in ninth. He was followed to the rail by "MikiDave" (8th - $682.92), "nueces.es" (7th - $1,018.96) and "buxi1234" (6th - $1,365.84). After that, Slovenian player "Roda_PFC23" left in fifth place for $1,712.72 while "Jupp.shippts" from Austria took fourth for $2,330.61.

In the end "WestHamUn" would miss the deciding heads-up, as he lost all his chips in third place. He got $3,103.86 for his deep run, while "smaryk" and "jobsster" played the final heads-up to become a 888poker Super XL-winner. German player "jobsster" defeated his Latvian opponent to secure himself the victory and first price ($5,709.09).


$55 Event #3: $20,000 Super XL - Turbo Opening Event

$50+519 January685$47,800

For the fans of quick paced action there was also a Turbo Opening Event with a buy-in of $55. A total of 685 players registered to create a total prize pool of $47,800.

Again only one 888poker Ambassador played in this tournament and it was the finalist of the opening event: Chris "888Moorman" Moorman. This time he didn't come near the money, the Brit finished in 201th place for a total of zero dollars.

Another finalist of the opening event did reach his second final table of the day. "trojanmouse", who already finished third in the first event of the day, made it to the final nine and ended his second deep run in fifth for a total of $2,509.50. Before that the tournament had already said goodbye to "Crymearive", "therudimeer", "Rodisking" and "backdown8" who all made a nice profit.

After the elimination of "trojanmouse", "inexperiente" left in fourth for $3,585. Frederico "VitorBrasil" Conca Silva went down in third for $4,780 and Egor "Omfg72oAgain" Boriskin was left to play the deciding heads-up against "Ozzy_M". The latter defeated his Russian opponent to secure himself of victory, a price of $8,962.50 and the honors of being an 888poker Super XL Series-winner!

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