2021 World Series of Poker Europe
Event #38: $50,000 High Roller

Seidel Doubles to Stay Alive

[user339872] • Nível 4: 2,500-5,000, 5,000 ante

Erik Seidel was down to just 68,000 and he shipped all in from under the gun. Joe McKeehen called from a couple of seats over and the rest of the table folded.

Erik Seidel: {3-Spades}{3-Hearts}
Joe McKeehen: {a-Spades}{q-Hearts}

"It's a fair fight," Seidel said about the coin flip. The board ran out {j-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{4-Diamonds} and Seidel's pair of threes held on for the double up.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Joe McKeehen us
Joe McKeehen
us 330,000 -93,000
Erik Seidel us
Erik Seidel
us 148,500 99,500

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