Event #15: $1,500 6-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

Park Finds a Double

• Nível 25: 25,000-50,000, 50,000 ante
Hye Park

Hye Park ended up all in preflop for his remaining stack of 535,000 and it was Itai Levy putting him at risk.

Hye Park: {a-Spades}{6-Clubs}
Itai Levy: {k-Spades}{j-Clubs}

Park was ahead with ace-high and the board ran out {9-Clubs}{8-Spades}{3-Clubs}{7-Hearts}{6-Spades} to give him a pair of sixes and a full double up.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Jesse Yaginuma us
Jesse Yaginuma
us 3,750,000 70,000
Bradley Jansen us
Bradley Jansen
us 3,025,000 565,000
Mackenzie Kraemer US
Mackenzie Kraemer
US 1,675,000 675,000
Joni Jouhkimainen fi
Joni Jouhkimainen
fi 1,560,000 860,000
Itai Levy il
Itai Levy
il 1,300,000 -355,000
Hye Park us
Hye Park
us 1,170,000 -80,000

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