Event #10: $1,000 Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold'em

Livingston Takes One Down

• Nível 10: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante
Alex Livingston

With a raise and a 20,000 chip shove in front of him, Alex Livingston Reshoved for 70,000 and the raiser folded showing {a-}{q-}.

All in player: {9-Spades}{9-Diamonds}
Alex Livingston: {10-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}

The board came out {6-Diamonds}{k-Spades}{j-Hearts}{4-Spades}{6-Clubs} and Livingston was awarded the bounty and a healthy boost to his stack.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
alex Livingston ca
alex Livingston
ca 101,000 51,000