Event #23: $600 Deepstack Championship No-Limit Hold'em

Big Stacks at Break

• Nível 4: 125-150, 30 ante

With action in the first break, there are 1,085 entries in the game and more than $600,000 in the prize pool already. 1,023 players are still at the virtual felt, and there's still more than 3 hours to get into the game.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
bigbrother456 BD
BD 171,433
Takao "shimizu9" Shimizu jp
Takao "shimizu9" Shimizu
jp 118,216
Leandro Bianchini ar
Leandro Bianchini
ar 117,401
MoneyRobber AZ
AZ 104,242
Eummi "storycruise" Kwon HK
Eummi "storycruise" Kwon
HK 100,827
Daniel "dodiapa" Heredi HU
Daniel "dodiapa" Heredi
HU 98,517