Event #14: $500 THE BIG 500

Schwecht Doubles to Stay Alive

• Nível 21: 3,500-7,000, 850 ante

Tobias Schwecht raised to 14,000 under the gun then shoved for just over 140,000 after Phachara "Phachara W" Wongwichit raised the middle to 38,500. Wongwichit called to find their {a-Clubs}{q-Hearts} against {k-Spades}{k-Hearts} and the kings held on a {j-Clubs}{6-Spades}{2-Clubs}{j-Spades}{8-Clubs} board.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Tobias Schwecht at
Tobias Schwecht
at 297,302 184,141
Phachara "Phachara W" Wongwichit
Phachara "Phachara W" Wongwichit