Event #52: $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship

Vieira Versus Henson

• Nível 17: 8,000-16,000, 0 ante

Ray Henson raised the button and Joao Vieira three-bet from the small blind. Scott Seiver folded his big blind and Henson called.

They went heads-up to the {j-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{4-Clubs} flop and Vieira bet. Henson called and both players checked the {4-Hearts} turn. The river was the {j-Clubs} and Vieira bet. Henson called and Vieira tabled his {q-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} for tens and fours. Henson threw his hand away exposing {a-Hearts}{q-Diamonds} as it bounced off of the felt and Vieira took the pot.

Contagem de Fichas
Joao Vieira pt 225,000 -75,000
Ray Henson us 150,000 -25,000

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