Event #51: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Bounty

Hands #55-58: Some Back and Forth

• Nível 30: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante

Hand #55: Ranno Sootla opened the button to 250,000. Ryan Leng folded the small blind and Javier Gomez passed from the big.

Hand #56: Sootla opened to 160,000 on the cutoff and Gomez moved all in for 790,000 from the small blind. Sootla laid it down.

Hand #57: Leng limped on the cutoff, Jay Farber made up the small blind and Nolte checked his option. The flop fell {7-Clubs}{7-Hearts}{q-Clubs} and everyone checked. Farber led 135,000 on the {a-Clubs} turn. Nolte folded and Leng called. Finally, on the {2-Clubs} river, they both checked and Leng won with {q-Hearts}{10-Hearts}.

Hand #58: Nolte limped blind on blind and Sootla checked. It came {j-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{j-Clubs} on the board and Sootla took it down on the turn.

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