2019 World Series of Poker Europe

Event #51: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Bounty

Massive Pot for Oconner

• Nível 20: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

On a raised pot, the flop was showing {10-Diamonds}{q-Clubs}{7-Clubs} and four players were active in the hand. Justin Libert checked, as well as Samuel Miller. Jamie Oconner bet 33,000 and it was called by Jay Farber and Liberto. Miller raised it 115,000 and after a long tank, Oconner announced all in for a stack worth 329,000. Farber and Liberto folded their hand and the two remaining players tabled their cards:

Samuel Miller: {k-Spades}{k-Diamonds}
Jamie Oconner: {7-Spades}{7-Hearts}

With a set of sevens, Oconner had the dominating hand, and the turn {4-Hearts} and river {6-Hearts} didn't change anything. Oconner earned the massive pot and Miller fell down to 130,000 after that hand.

Contagem de Fichas
Jamie Oconner IR 750,000 664,600
Jay Farber us 460,000 10,000
Justin Liberto us 340,000 121,000
Samuel Miller US 130,000 -40,000