2021 Super High Roller Bowl Europe

Event #4: $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em
Dias: 1

Artur Martirosian Eliminated in 8th Place ($104,000)

Nível 13 : 15,000-25,000, 25,000 ante
Artur Martirosian
Artur Martirosian

Jake Schindler raised to 60,000 from under the gun and Albert Daher made the call from the early position. Saman Nakhjavani called too from the hijack. Artur Martirosian three-bet jammed for 185,000 for the action to fold back to Schindler. He took some time and then four-bet jammed for Daher to ask for a count of his stack. The dealer confirmed that Schindler had 545,000 behind. Daher reluctantly folded and so did Nakhjavani.

Artur Martirosian: {q-Spades}{q-Clubs}
Jake Schindler: {a-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}

The board ran out {a-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds}{a-Spades} for Schindler to flop the higher pair and improve to trips on the river to signal the end of the day as the official final table of seven had been reached.

The full chip counts and a recap are to follow.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Jake Schindler us
Jake Schindler
915,000 715,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Artur Martirosian ru
Artur Martirosian
EPT 1X Winner