Event #2: $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em

Kudinov Claims Two Eliminations to His Name

poolshir • Nível 10: 6,000-12,000, 12,000 ante
Viktor Kudinov

On the first hand, Cary Katz was already all-in when the board read {3-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{k-Clubs} and Viktor Kudinov had bet from the cutoff and Zhuang Ruan had called from the button.

The {7-Spades} completed the board for Kudinov to check-snap-call the shove of Ruan for the 113,000 he had left. Katz got up and his cards were quickly closed by the dealer and so were the cards of Ruan as Kudinov showed the {k-Hearts}{k-Diamonds} for the turned set of kings.

On the next hand, he raised to 24,000 from the hijack and Ruan pushed his last 31,000 over the line from the cutoff. Pascal Lefrancois made it 63,000 in the small blind. The big blind folded and Kudinov shoved again for Lefrancois to let the hand go.

Zhuang Ruan: {q-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}
Viktor Kudinov: {10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}

The board ran out {2-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{k-Hearts}{4-Spades} for Kudinov to flop a set to deal the final blow to Ruan.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Viktor Kudinov ru
Viktor Kudinov
ru 593,000 268,000
Cary Katz us
Cary Katz
us Eliminado
Zhuang Ruan us
Zhuang Ruan
us Eliminado