SCOOP-93-H: $10,300 PLO [6-Max, PLO Main Event], $1.25M Gtd

"LamassuShedu" Takes Some Back From Radoja

• Nível 26: 35,000-70,000, 0 ante

"LamassuShedu" raised to 177,777 from the button, and Mark "AceSpades11" Radoja called in the big blind.

Radoja check-called a 178,888 bet from "LamassuShedu" on the {6-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{a-Clubs} flop, and the {2-Clubs} turn was checked again by Radoja. "LamassuShedu" bet 289,888 and Radoja called.

Radoja checked a third time on the {2-Spades} river, and "LamassuShedu" bet 926,118. Radoja spent some time in the tank, then folded.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
LamassuShedu DK
DK 5,685,786 737,097
Mark "AceSpades11" Radoja
Mark "AceSpades11" Radoja
5,596,543 -904,553
Espen "locomi" Myrmo NO
Espen "locomi" Myrmo
NO 2,963,737 227,456
Andreas "Skjervoy" Torbergsen no
Andreas "Skjervoy" Torbergsen
no 2,135,183 -60,000

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