WCOOP-91-H: $5,200 NLHE [8-Max, NLHE Main Event], $10M Gtd

Chew Scoops Another One

• Nível 50: 1,250,000-2,500,000, 325,000 ante

Pascal "Pass_72" Lefrancois raised from under the gun to 5,000,000 and action folded around to Stevan "random_chu" Chew for the call.

The flop was {4-Clubs}{5-Clubs}{8-Spades} and Chew bet 3,137,500. Lefrancois made the call.

The turn was {10-Spades} and Chew fired a bet of 6,000,000. Lefrancois made another call.

The river was {3-Diamonds} and both players checked. Chew turned over {7-Hearts}{10-Hearts} to scoop the pot with a pair of tens while Lefrancois mucked.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Stevan "random_chu" Chew AU
Stevan "random_chu" Chew
AU 284,823,566 22,825,000
Pascal "Pass_72" Lefrancois
Pascal "Pass_72" Lefrancois
101,542,448 2,487,500
CrazyLissy ru
ru 57,044,880 -30,900,000
Rebel FishAK ro
Rebel FishAK
ro 47,839,106 -14,025,000