WCOOP-73-M: $1,050 PLO [6-Max, Main Event]

Dimitri "MITS 304" Michaelides Eliminated in 16th Place ($7,411)

• Nível 32: 50,000-100,000, 0 ante

Ludovic "ludovi333" Geilich raised to 200,000 from the cutoff and Dimitri "MITS 304" Michaelides defended his big blind to see a {4-Spades}{10-Hearts}{k-Clubs} flop.

Michaelides check-raised after Geilich continued and then got his 1,023,031 stack in the middle after Geilich three-bet to 2,925,000.

Ludovic "ludovi333" Geilich: {a-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}{j-Spades}{10-Clubs}
Dimitri "MITS 304" Michaelides: {q-Clubs}{j-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{3-Spades}

Michaelides was behind and neither the {2-Spades} turn nor the {2-Diamonds} river changed a thing as he took his exit in 16th place for $7,411.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Ludovic "ludovi333" Geilich GB
Ludovic "ludovi333" Geilich
GB 14,310,493 2,598,031
Dimitri "MITS 304" Michaelides NL
Dimitri "MITS 304" Michaelides
NL Eliminado

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