GGSF Super MILLION$ ME-H: $10,300, $10M GTD

Kelopuro Doubles with Broadway

Jaxon • Nível 1: 250-500, 60 ante

Sami Kelopuro opened for 1,350 from early position and was called by "xhanglao" from the hijack and Mikita Badziakouski from the big blind.

Badziakouski checked the {10-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}{q-Clubs} flop before Kelopuro bet 1,558. "zhanglao" called and Badziakouski folded.

Kelopuro bet 6,269 on the {j-Hearts} turn and "zhanglao" called. The {9-Clubs} completed the board on the river and Kelopuro overbet the pot with with a bet of 29,500. "zhanglao" jammed and Kelopuro called off for 83,983.

"zhanglao" held {k-Diamonds}{10-Spades} for a straight but Kelopuro's straight was better with {a-Hearts}{k-Spades} for broadway to take the Day 1c chip lead.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Sami Kelopuro fi
Sami Kelopuro
fi 188,340 89,710
Matthias Eibinger at
Matthias Eibinger
at 104,692 1,760
Mikita Badziakouski by
Mikita Badziakouski
by 97,300 -2,580
zhanglao CN
CN 9,568 -86,620