€10,300 No-Limit Hold'em

Tuna Busts O'Dwyer in Chip-Leading Pot

mnuwwarah • Nível 6: 300-600, 600 ante
Akin Tuna, pictured in a different event.

Steve O'Dwyer bet just under pot with 8,000 on an {8-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{9-Hearts} flop. Oleh Okhotskyi called on the button and Akin Tuna made it 23,800. O'Dwyer jammed, Okhotskyi folded and Tuna called.

Steve O'Dwyer: {7-Clubs}{7-Spades}
Oleh Okhotskyi: {6-Diamonds}{6-Spades}

O'Dwyer had 10 outs and found one right away on the {5-Diamonds} turn. However, the {9-Clubs} paired the board to give Okhotskyi a boat. O'Dwyer has about 70,000 and was just covered by 8,000 or so.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Akin Tuna tr
Akin Tuna
tr 165,000 115,000
Steve O'Dwyer ie
Steve O'Dwyer
ie Eliminado

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