2021 World Series of Poker
$10,000 Main Event

Jeremy Joseph Eliminated in 21st Place (AUD$60,000)

Webjoker • Nível 22: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
Jeremy Joseph

Koray Aldemir raised the button to 42,000 and the small blind quickly got out of the way. Big blind Jeremy Joseph, though, was down to just under 80,000 and moved all in. Aldemir didn't hesitate and called.

Jeremy Joseph: {Q-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}
Koray Aldemir: {A-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}

The {A-Spades}{J-Clubs}{A-Hearts} helped strengthen Aldemir's lead. Joseph was hoping for a king but it wouldn't come. Instead, the {10-Hearts} and {3-Spades} completed the board and Joseph exited in 21st place.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Koray Aldemir de
Koray Aldemir
de 600,000 140,000
Jeremy Joseph us
Jeremy Joseph
us Eliminado

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