2021 World Series of Poker
$25,000 Challenge

Aldemir Loses With Queens to Kings

Webjoker • Nível 3: 200-400, 50 ante
Koray Aldemir

After a hefty pre-flop battle that saw small bind Koray Aldemir three-bet a button raise to 3,800 and then call the 10,800 four-bet, things got even more intense on {J-Spades}{5-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}. Aldemir checked and saw his neighbor on the button bet 15,200. Aldemir tanked for a bit before he shoved all in. The button called for 37,500 total and showed the best hand with {K-Diamonds}{K-Clubs} as Aldemir tabled {Q-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs}. The {3-Hearts} on the turn and {10-Diamonds} on the river were blanks and Aldemir was heading into the break rather short.

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Koray Aldemir de
Koray Aldemir
de 11,850 -38,150

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