2021 World Series of Poker
ANTON Jewellery $100,000 Challenge

Shak Squeezes

• Nível 2: 300-600, 0 ante

Charlie Carrel opened the action with a raise from early position and picked up a caller in Fedor Holz before Ben Tollerene decided to three-bet to 7,200 from the button.

Sitting in the small blind Dan Shak peeked down at his cards before announcing he was all in and shoved for around 90,000. All three opponents quickly fold and Shak showed {k-Diamonds}{k-Hearts} before raking in the pot.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Charlie Carrel gb
Charlie Carrel
gb 105,900 -1,800
Dan Shak us
Dan Shak
us 102,200 10,300
Fedor Holz de
Fedor Holz
de 95,200 -1,800
Ben Tollerene us
Ben Tollerene
us 89,300 -7,200

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