2017 World Series of Poker

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Event #7: $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball
Event #7: $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball
Dia 1 Terminado

Event #7: $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball: Sampo Ryynanen Leads 57 Players Into Day 2 (Completo)

• Nível 10
Wes Self is among the leaders
Wes Self is among the leaders

The first day of Event #7: $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball is in the books and Sampo Ryynanen bagged 102,000, which is good for the chip lead at the end of Day 1.

Jared Bleznick (91,300) was close behind along with several others near the top, including Wes Self (97,000), Joe "Bubba" Wagner (85,300), Eric Wasserson (78,000), and Matt Schrieber (79,000).

Many players fired and failed to make it to Day 2. Daniel Negreanu was very vocal about how happy he was to be playing mixed games for the first time this WSOP. He enjoyed his time after busting from the One Drop, but was unable to make Day 2.

Marco Johnson, Aaron Mermelstein, Robert Mizrachi, and Tommy Hang also fell during Day 1.

Meanwhile, Brandon-Shack Harris (68,800), Jason Mercier (36,000), and David "ODB" Baker (34,000) managed to bag.

The tournament restarts Sunday at 2 p.m. Stay tuned for all of the latest updates from PokerNews.

RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
Brasilia7041Yong KimUnited States20,500
Brasilia7042Dale BeaudoinUnited States50,900
Brasilia7043Eric WassersonUnited States78,000
Brasilia7044Chris BjorinSweden44,900
Brasilia7045Jon TurnerUnited States26,600
Brasilia7046Brian BrubakerUnited States49,100
Brasilia7051Lyle BermanUnited States54,400
Brasilia7052Don McnamaraUnited States27,000
Brasilia7054James ObstAustralia48,600
Brasilia7055Roland IsraelashviliUnited States70,700
Brasilia7056Konstantin PuchkovRussia49,000
Brasilia7061Aditya PrasetyoUnited States51,900
Brasilia7062Timothy FrazinUnited States14,400
Brasilia7063Michael RossUnited States36,000
Brasilia7064Ryan HughesUnited States69,000
Brasilia7065Daniel HirlemanUnited States45,000
Brasilia7066Todd BarlowUnited States37,400
Brasilia7081Konstantin MaslakRussia50,500
Brasilia7082Randy OhelUnited States13,800
Brasilia7083Benjamin LukasUnited States59,200
Brasilia7084Jon SeamanUnited States19,600
Brasilia7085Jeremy HeartbergUnited States39,800
Brasilia7086Crystal DoanUnited States70,490
Brasilia7091Chris OvergardUnited States16,600
Brasilia7092Jesse MartinUnited States48,000
Brasilia7093David MacklinUnited States41,600
Brasilia7094Sigi StockingerAustria35,100
Brasilia7095Terry JenningsUnited States68,400
Brasilia7096Jason GolaUnited States72,800
Brasilia7101Carol FuchsUnited States44,000
Brasilia7102Sampo RyynanenFinland102,200
Brasilia7103Matthew SchreiberUnited States79,000
Brasilia7104Naoya KiharaJapan55,000
Brasilia7106Ian JohnsUnited States70,700
Brasilia7111Christopher ChungUnited States30,400
Brasilia7112Brandon Shack-HarrisUnited States68,800
Brasilia7113Jason MercierUnited States36,000
Brasilia7115Joseph WagganerUnited States85,300
Brasilia7116Jared BleznickUnited States91,300
Brasilia7121Jake SchwartzUnited States30,900
Brasilia7122Mikhail SeminRussia57,600
Brasilia7123Yueqi ZhuChina67,200
Brasilia7124Brant HaleUnited States47,600
Brasilia7125Lawrence BergUnited States65,300
Brasilia7126Paul FehligUnited States20,500
Brasilia7131Paul VolpeUnited States46,000
Brasilia7132Barry GreensteinUnited States30,200
Brasilia7133Yosuke SekiyaJapan75,200
Brasilia7134Gary BensonAustralia4,900
Brasilia7135Renan BruschiBrazil5,300
Brasilia7136Maria HoUnited States31,600
Brasilia7141Martin StaszkoCzech Republic70,800
Brasilia7142Yuebin GuoUnited States41,600
Brasilia7143Alan EmersonUnited States28,100
Brasilia7144David (Wes) SelfUnited States97,000
Brasilia7145James KwonUnited States81,400
Brasilia7146David "ODB" BakerUnited States34,600
Sampo Ryynanen fi 102,200 102,200
Wes Self us 97,000 97,000
Jared Bleznick us 91,300 23,300
Joseph Wagganer us 85,300 85,300
James Kwon US 81,400 81,400
Matthew Schreiber us 79,000 79,000
Eric Wasserson us 78,000 78,000
Yosuke Sekiya jp 75,200 -6,800
Jason Gola us 72,800 72,800
Martin Staszko cz 70,800 35,400
Roland Israelashvili us 70,700 10,700
Ian Johns us 70,700 31,700
Crystal Doan US 70,490 20,490
Ryan Hughes us 69,000 69,000
Brandon Shack-Harris us 68,800 16,800
Terry Jennings US 68,400 68,400
Yueqi Zhu cn 67,200 15,200
Lawrence Berg us 65,300 34,300
Benjamin Lukas US 59,200 200
Mikhail Semin ru 57,600 -400
Naoya Kihara jp 55,000 16,500
Lyle Berman us 54,400 -600
Aditya Prasetyo us 51,900 37,600
Dale Beaudoin us 50,900 50,900
Konstantin Maslak ru 50,500 -13,500

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Play Concludes

• Nível 10

The 57 remaining players are bagging up chips for Day 2. A recap of the day will be up shortly.

Lyle Berman Eliminates Adam Friedman

• Nível 10

2-7 Triple Draw:

Adam Friedman went all in with a raise on the button and Lyle Berman called.

The betting action was concluded, but here is how the draws went.

Both players drew two on the first draw. Both players drew one on the second draw and both players stood pat on the third.

Berman showed {8-}{7-}{5-}{3-}{2-} and Friedman reached for the deck to flip over what would have been his card. Based on his face it seems it wouldn't have made a difference. Friedman was eliminated just before the end of the night.

Lyle Berman us 55,000
Adam Friedman us Eliminado
Felipe Ramos br Eliminado

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"You've Never Seen a Hand Like This"

• Nível 10
Matt Schrieber and Zach Friedman
Matt Schrieber and Zach Friedman

2-7 Triple Draw:

"Hey Barry!" Matt Schrieber calls to Barry Greenstein at a neighboring table.

"This is the craziest hand you've ever seen."

Moments before Schrieber had fanned out {7-}{6-}{3-}{3-}{2-} to show a bluff and take down a huge pot.

According to Zach Freeman, here's how the action went down.

Dan Hirleman opened with a raise and Freeman three-bet. Schrieber called from the big blind and Hirleman called as well.

Schrieber drew two, Hirleman and Freeman both drew one. Schrieber checked. Hirleman bet and both Freeman and Schrieber called.

The next draw, Schrieber drew one, Hirleman stood pat, and Freeman drew one.

Schrieber checked again. Hirleman bet and Freeman called. Schrieber raised and both Hirleman and Freeman called.

Schrieber stood pat as did Hirleman, and Freeman drew one. At this point Freeman says he made a seven-low.

Schrieber checked. Hirleman checked and Freeman bet. Schrieber raised again. Hirleman, who was the original raiser and the first one to pat folded. The action was on Freeman, who had a seven-low made {7-}{6-}{5-}{3-}{2-}. He tanked for a while before folding.

Schrieber then showed his hand {7-}{6-}{3-}{3-}{2-} for a pair of threes and raked in the pot now that both his opponents had folded.

Dan Hirleman US 59,500 -24,500
Matt Schrieber US 49,000 3,000
Zach Freeman us 17,000 -32,000

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Nível: 10

600-1,200 Blinds 1,200-2,400 Limit

Yueqi Zhu Knocks Out Frankie O'Dell

• Nível 9

A-5 Triple Draw:

Frankie O'Dell has been battling all day and finally was unable to hold against Yueqi Zhu.

O'Dell went all in for 1,000 after the first draw and Konstantin Puchkov completed the bet to 2,000. Zhu called.

O'Dell stood pat, as did Puchkov. Zhu drew one. Puchkov bet, Zhu raised and Puchkov called.

O'Dell stayed pat and this time Puchkov broke, drawing one. Zhu stood pat.

Puchkov check-folded to a Zhu bet.

"Wheel," said Zhu as he rolled over {5-}{4-}{3-}{2-}{a-}.

O'Dell turned over a seven-low {2-}{3-}{4-}{5-}{7-} and headed to the rail.

Yueqi Zhu cn 52,000
Konstantin Puchkov ru 12,000
Frankie O'Dell us Eliminado

Tags: Frankie O'DellKonstantin PuchkovYueqi Zhu

More Counts

• Nível 9
Chris Bjorn SE 64,000
Adam Friedman us 54,000 38,000
Crystal Doan US 50,000 -1,000
Barry Greenstein us 45,000 2,000
James Obst au 41,000 1,000
Naoya Kihara jp 38,500 -3,500
Brian Brubaker us 34,000 17,700
Lawrence Berg us 31,000
Carol Fuchs us 25,000 -5,000
Jon Turner us 22,900 5,100
Carol Anderson US 20,000 -14,200
Frankie O'Dell us 19,400 -6,600
Andrey Zaichenko ru 17,000 -2,200
Lars Gronning us 5,500 -9,500
Felipe Ramos br 5,000 -19,000

Zach Freeman Holds Against Mike Ross

• Nível 9

2-7 Triple Draw:

Mike Ross opened the button, and Zach Freeman three-bet from the big blind. Ross called. Freeman drew one, and Ross drew three. Freeman bet.

"I caught up," Ross said, "I caught way up."

Ross called.

Both players drew one. Freeman bet again and Ross called.

Freeman stood pat, and Ross drew one. Both players checked.

"Pair of threes," said Ross.

Freeman turned over a nine-seven low and pulled in the pot.

Zach Freeman us 49,000 49,000
Mike Ross us 31,000 -1,000

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