2017 World Series of Poker

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Event #69: $1,500 Razz
Event #69: $1,500 Razz
Dia 2 Terminado

David "ODB" Baker Leads Final 10 After Day 2 of $1,500 Razz

will_shill • Nível 20: 10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante
David "ODB" Baker
David "ODB" Baker

After ten more levels in Event #69 $1,500 Razz just 10 players remain to battle it out for $132,957 in prize money and a WSOP gold bracelet.

Leading the way is David "ODB" Baker (614,000) who is looking for his second WSOP bracelet since taking down the $2,500 8-Game in 2012.

Close behind him is Wendy Freedman (594,000) who is looking to reach her second WSOP final table after finishing seventh in last year's Ladies Event.

Also in the mix is Phil Hellmuth, but he will start the final day as the short stack with just 116,000. Also short is Yordan Petrov, despite doubling in the last hand of the night against Grzegorz Wyraz.

Petrov got all in showing {a-}{a-}{k-}{5-} against Wyraz's {2-}{4-}{q-}{j-}. On seventh street Petrov had improved to such an extant that he needed to hit anything below a Queen to survive. Petrov picked up a {j-} and will return with 177,000.

At the start of the day it was Matt Grapenthein who led the way. With play around 40 eliminations from the money, it took a while until the bubble was reached.

And when it was reached in Level 13, it was Johnny Landreth who was eliminated when his ten-nine was bested by the ten-seven of Matthew Schreiber.

A min-cash was worth $2,261, with the likes of Allen Kessler and Tom Schneider among the recipients. Other notable bustouts included Brandon Shack-Harris (46th - $2,551), Mike Matusow (40th - $2,818,) and James Obst (38th - $2,818).

Obst missed out on the chance to add the $1,500 Razz title to the $10,000 Razz Championship he won earlier this summer.

Grapenthien was also a casualty, eliminated in 34th place for $2,818, and just missing out on a ladder where the likes of Jason Mercier (30th) finished.

There were still a bunch of big names at the three-table redraw, but the field quickly thinned with Adam Owen (23rd - $3,703), Roland Israelashvili (22nd - $3,703) and Mike Ross (21st - $3,703) all departing.

By the end of the night play was one elimination short of the money, with big names still remaining to battle it out when they return at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
Amazon22Phil HellmuthUnited States116,000
Amazon23Brad RubenUnited States426,000
Amazon24Jason GolaUnited States312,000
Amazon25Grzegorz WyrazPoland177,000
Amazon28Yordan PetrovBulgaria119,000
Amazon51Gerard RechnitzerUnited States221,000
Amazon52James SchaafUnited States231,000
Amazon55David "ODB" BakerUnited States614,000
Amazon57Benny GlaserUnited Kingdom324,000
Amazon58Wendy FreedmanUnited States596,000

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Jared Talarico Eliminated in 11th Place ($6,662)

• Nível 20: 10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante
Jared Talarico
Jared Talarico

Gerard Rechnitzer: {x-}{x-} / {8-}{8-}{q-}{5-} / {x-}
Jared Talarico: {x-}{x-} / {k-}{9-}{9-}{3-} / {x-}

Gerard Rechnitzer bet sixth and seventh and Jared Talarico called both streets. On seventh, he was all in and Rechnitzer showed an [8x6x5x2xa], which left Talarico unable to win the pot. He would be eliminated in 11th place.

Gerard Rechnitzer us 310,000 -180,000
Jared Talarico us Eliminado

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Yordan Petrov Doubles Through Hellmuth, Hellmuth Doubles Through Wyraz

• Nível 20: 10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante

Yordan Petrov doubled through Phil Hellmuth when he made a seven on seventh street and left the 14-time WSOP bracelet winner dangerously short.

Hellmuth managed to earn a double after Grzergorz Wyraz started with {a-}{2-}{3-}{4-}. Hellmuth would make a nine to double after Wyraz bricked three streets in a row.

Yordan Petrov bg 55,000 -79,000
Phil Hellmuth us 40,000 -75,000

Tags: Grzegorz WyrazPhil HellmuthYordan Petrov

Jake Schwartz Eliminated in 12th Place ($6,662)

will_shill • Nível 20: 10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante
Jake Schwartz
Jake Schwartz

Schwartz: {6-}{2-} / {7-}{3-}{5-}{5-} / {x-}
Freedman: {a-}{7-}/ {2-}{6-}{k-}{5-} / {x-}

Jake Schwartz completed, Wendy Freedman bet and Schwartz called. On fourth street Freedman bet and Schwartz called. On fifth street Schwartz bet and Freedman called. On sixth street Freedman bet, Schwartz called and he was all in.

Freedman drew a {j-} but had already made a seven-low. Schwartz drew a {j-} also and was eliminated.

Wendy Freedman us 430,000 10,000
Jake Schwartz us Eliminado

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Glaser Has Permission to Berate Hellmuth

• Nível 19: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Benny Glaser
Benny Glaser

Benny Glaser: {x-}{x-} / {9-}{4-}{j-}{5-} / {x-}
Phil Hellmuth: {x-}{x-} / {j-}{7-}{7-}{5-} / {x-}
Grzegorz Wyraz: {x-}{x-} / {6-}{9-}{k-} - fold

Benny Glaser held the betting lead for the entire hand. He bet on fourth street and got two callers. He bet again on fifth, and Phil Hellmuth was the lone caller.

At this point, Glaser said something to Hellmuth, and it sounded like Hellmuth said, "If I beat you on this hand, you can berate me. Unless you have fours."

Glaser bet again on sixth and seventh, and Hellmuth called. Glaser showed {7-}{3-}{2-} for a seven, and Hellmuth mucked.

Benny Glaser gb 305,000 155,000
Phil Hellmuth us 115,000

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Jake Schwartz Doubles Through Wendy Freedman

will_shill • Nível 19: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante

Action was all in on third street, and the boards ran out as follows:

Jake Schwartz: {3-}{7-} / {5-}{6-}{3-}{5-} / {x-}
Wendy Freedman: {a-}{3-} / {6-}{3-}{a-}{j-} / {x-}

Freedman drew first, the {2-}, meaning Schwartz just needed to make a low better than Freedman's jack. Schwartz drew a {2-} and made his seven-low to double up.

Wendy Freedman us 420,000 -30,000
Jake Schwartz us 40,000 20,000

Jason Gola v. Benny Glaser

• Nível 19: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Jason Gola
Jason Gola

Jason Gola: {x-}{x-} / {5-}{j-}{7-}{4-} / {x-}
Benny Glaser: {x-}{x-} / {10-}{4-}{a-}{6-} / {x-}

On fourth street, Benny Glaser had the lead and bet, and Gola called. On fifth, Glaser bet again, and Gola called. Glaser bet again on sixth and checked seventh. Gola called on sixth and checked on seventh, as well.

Gola showed the winner with {a-}{3-}, giving him a seven-five low.

Jason Gola us 417,000 52,000
Benny Glaser gb 150,000 -68,000

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