2017 World Series of Poker

Event #66: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em
Dias: 1
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2017 World Series of Poker

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100,000 / 200,000

Event #66: POY Implications, Big Stacks, and a Crazy Last Hand on Day 1

Nível 10 : 500/1,000, 100 ante
Ben Yu
Ben Yu

The players have bagged and headed home from Day 1 of Event #66. Five of the top ten players in the WSOP Player of the Year race advanced to Day 2 with Ben Yu (5th in POY) bagging the biggest of the current POY contenders with 93,700.

John Racener, who leads the POY race, bagged 34,000. Chris Ferguson (2nd in POY, 25,100), John Monnette (7th in POY, 20,000), and Pablo Mariz (9th in POY, 18,000) all made it through as well. This event's 1,956 entries makes this one of the biggest point-getters left on the WSOP schedule before the Main Event.

While the POY race is definitely taking center stage, Tommy Tran (187,000) and Nikolas Zawadzki (171,200) bagged two of the biggest stacks of the evening. Not to be outdone, Sam Grafton made a splash on the final hand of the night. Jerry Yang, Peter Murphy, and Grafton were all in and another player was in the tank for almost the full amount of the clock. Grafton had jacks against ace-king and ace-seven and flopped a full house. Yang still had four-of-a-kind outs but missed and hit the rail with Murphy on the final hand of the evening. Grafton chipped up to 97,000 to end the day.

Alan Widmann, aka "Hotted89", bagged on Day 1 of his first-ever WSOP event. With only 308 players returning and 294 set to make the money, there is a decent chance Widmann will make the money in his first shot at WSOP glory.

Play resumes Thursday at noon. Stay up to date with all the WSOP action right here on PokerNews.

RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Pavilion2941Kyle FreyUnited States77,70065
Pavilion2942Nick Abou RiskIndia50,50042
Pavilion2943Aaron MasseyUnited States20,30017
Pavilion2944Brian HastingsUnited States85,60071
Pavilion2945Ammit ShergillCanadaDNRDNR
Pavilion2946Theodore DriscollUnited States49,99042
Pavilion2947Jonathan ThermeFrance22,80019
Pavilion2948Aaron JohnsonUnited States60,60051
Pavilion2949Foad LarkiCanada90,30075
Pavilion2951Ryan LengUnited States34,60029
Pavilion2952Charles HansonUnited States68,20057
Pavilion2953Steven SnyderUnited States62,80052
Pavilion2954Robert McLaughlinUnited States45,50038
Pavilion2955Neal LiptakUnited States20,90017
Pavilion2956Walter TreccarichiItaly26,10022
Pavilion2957Theo TranUnited States23,80020
Pavilion2958Christopher SpurveyCanada157,000131
Pavilion2959Jerry RobinsonUnited States10,9009
Pavilion2961Denis SedyshevRussia10,5009
Pavilion2962Jonathan LittleUnited States55,70046
Pavilion2963Sam GraftonUnited Kingdom97,00081
Pavilion2964Italo PalaoItaly75,80063
Pavilion2965In Sun GeoumUnited States23,30019
Pavilion2966Andrew YimUnited States46,00038
Pavilion2967Lovell WilkersonUnited States100,00083
Pavilion2968Wen ZhouUnited States79,90067
Pavilion2969Dutch BoydUnited States73,20061
Pavilion2971Ian O'HaraUnited States130,600109
Pavilion2972John RacenerUnited States34,00028
Pavilion2973Kevin O'DonnellUnited States116,40097
Pavilion2974Rob TepperUnited States135,600113
Pavilion2975Alessandro MinasiItaly24,20020
Pavilion2976Jeff BlenkarnUnited States26,10022
Pavilion2977Michael WolfUnited States13,90012
Pavilion2978Devin KheraCanada61,60051
Pavilion2979John EspositoUnited States25,60021
Pavilion2981Toko LuuUnited States34,10028
Pavilion2982Fred BergerUnited States35,10029
Pavilion2983Timothy BollandUnited States23,10019
Pavilion2984Thomas HallUnited Kingdom64,90054
Pavilion2985Jack EllwoodUnited Kingdom88,40074
Pavilion2986Jack SambrookUnited Kingdom72,80061
Pavilion2987Tanya KirkUnited States28,00023
Pavilion2988Daniel LeCanada37,40031
Pavilion2989Rodrigo SemeghiniBrazil53,40045
Pavilion2991Eugene SchwartzUnited States122,900102
Pavilion2992Eiji MatsumuraJapan23,20019
Pavilion2993Shahriar AssarehUnited States18,20015
Pavilion2994Francisco RafaelBrazil21,30018
Pavilion2995Timothy TaylorUnited States18,40015
Pavilion2996Carlos FigueroafernandezUnited States24,70021
Pavilion2997Wang YifeiChina64,60054
Pavilion2998Jeremy WienUnited States59,70050
Pavilion2999Daniel PehlivanUnited States18,60016
Pavilion3001Waikiat LeeUnited Kingdom103,50086
Pavilion3002Tilmann ElsterGermany11,70010
Pavilion3003Ashish KhannaUnited States12,70011
Pavilion3004Jamie RosenUnited States55,80047
Pavilion3005Jennifer NadonCanada49,80042
Pavilion3006Joe SerockUnited States72,70061
Pavilion3007Viktor LaviIsrael66,50055
Pavilion3008Alan ColwellUnited States42,30035
Pavilion3009David WelchUnited Kingdom29,10024
Pavilion3011Joseph ShinnUnited States16,10013
Pavilion3012Michael CirilloUnited States38,90032
Pavilion3013Yueqi ZhuChina41,30034
Pavilion3014Daniel ZackUnited States56,00047
Pavilion3015Philippe BretanGermany21,20018
Pavilion3016Andrew JacksonUnited States21,50018
Pavilion3017Melissa GillettAustralia51,10043
Pavilion3018Deividas KvaselisLithuania63,40053
Pavilion3019Oleksii IevchenkoUkraine33,30028
Pavilion3021Bart LybaertBelgium36,10030
Pavilion3022Markus PrinzGermany80,00067
Pavilion3023Schuyler ThorntonUnited States23,10019
Pavilion3024Michael WangUnited States82,70069
Pavilion3025Grantland HillmanUnited States11,60010
Pavilion3026Joe GotliebUnited States77,70065
Pavilion3027Brian HolleUnited States29,30024
Pavilion3028Joseph OrsinoUnited States121,600101
Pavilion3029Ran AzorIsrael27,60023
Pavilion3031Antal MezeiHungary96,80081
Pavilion3032John FinnighanUnited States87,40073
Pavilion3033Anthony SchutterUnited States41,70035
Pavilion3034Luke MarshUnited Kingdom178,300149
Pavilion3035Keun KwakUnited States136,000113
Pavilion3036Paul SiemUnited States13,10011
Pavilion3037Peter KaemmerlenUnited States13,50011
Pavilion3038Jesse YaginumaUnited States45,30038
Pavilion3039Jeffrey TillUnited States18,40015
Pavilion3041Diego BittarBrazil15,20013
Pavilion3042Emile SchiffOcho Rios, JM87,60073
Pavilion3043Shane DouglasUnited States61,00051
Pavilion3044Ben YuUnited States93,70078
Pavilion3045Rahul MehtaUnited States19,40016
Pavilion3046Dmitry VitkindCanada15,00013
Pavilion3047Ben FitzgeraldUnited Kingdom28,90024
Pavilion3048Milad JorshariUnited States89,30074
Pavilion3049Darrell HopkinsUnited States10,8009
Pavilion3051Nicholas WrightAustralia34,50029
Pavilion3052Ryan RiessUnited States24,10020
Pavilion3053Rembert NetNetherlandsDNRDNR
Pavilion3054Rachel OnealUnited States50,70042
Pavilion3055Anton PecovicUnited States81,00068
Pavilion3056Davis AalvikUnited States55,30046
Pavilion3057Sergio AidoEstonia25,90022
Pavilion3058Brandon SetzerUnited States40,50034
Pavilion3059Tobias PetersNetherlands38,40032
Pavilion3061James PowellUnited States18,00015
Pavilion3062Pawan BraichCanada22,50019
Pavilion3063Marijonas RociusUnited Kingdom26,70022
Pavilion3064Louis SabatiniUnited States8,8007
Pavilion3065Eric RappaportUnited States12,60011
Pavilion3066Ray MedlinUnited StatesDNRDNR
Pavilion3067Mike LeahCanada10,6009
Pavilion3068Joseph GordonUnited States16,80014
Pavilion3069Mikolaj ZawadzkiPoland171,200143
Pavilion3071Emil EkvardtSweden83,50070
Pavilion3072Gary ChakoianUnited States23,20019
Pavilion3073Mark FitzmauriceUnited States28,60024
Pavilion3074John DolanUnited States28,10023
Pavilion3075Tony GarganoUnited States26,40022
Pavilion3076William MckownUnited States32,00027
Pavilion3077Ruslan GazaevRussia55,00046
Pavilion3078Christian HarderUnited States102,40085
Pavilion3079Ben RichardsonAustralia87,70073
Pavilion3081Moses MustonenUnited States31,60026
Pavilion3082Gil GeorgeUnited States19,50016
Pavilion3083Gilsoo KimUnited States68,50057
Pavilion3084Peter DykesAustralia24,30020
Pavilion3085Anthony RonaldsAustria44,80037
Pavilion3086Michael GentiliCanada28,20024
Pavilion3087Justin ConleyUnited States45,30038
Pavilion3088David Cabrera PolopSpain23,00019
Pavilion3089Pierre PlessisUnited States23,10019
Pavilion3091Stan JablonskiUnited States31,00026
Pavilion3092Russell ThomasUnited States50,20042
Pavilion3093Gaurav RainaUnited States20,30017
Pavilion3094Joseph BeasyUnited States78,50065
Pavilion3095Kurt JewellUnited States64,90054
Pavilion3096Bruno LopesBelgium42,30035
Pavilion3097Mark MarascoUnited States11,40010
Pavilion3098Alan WidmannGermany32,60027
Pavilion3099Richard YoUnited States13,90012
Pavilion3101Mark ScacewaterUnited States21,50018
Pavilion3102Akshay NasaIndia27,50023
Pavilion3103Benjamin ZamaniUnited States32,00027
Pavilion3104Matthew McEwanUnited States22,20019
Pavilion3105Darren EliasUnited States91,10076
Pavilion3106Mike ChiappettaUnited States124,800104
Pavilion3107Long NguyenUnited States11,3009
Pavilion3108Paul MitranoUnited States69,50058
Pavilion3109Jordan YoungUnited States93,80078
Pavilion3111Joseph CarusoAustralia16,00013
Pavilion3112Asi MosheIsrael50,70042
Pavilion3113Pok KimUnited StatesDNRDNR
Pavilion3114Mark MazzaUnited States22,20019
Pavilion3115Alex BolotinUnited States41,60035
Pavilion3116Nicolas ChouityBelgium45,30038
Pavilion3117Henry MlekodayUnited States61,80052
Pavilion3118Kirk BanksUnited States112,00093
Pavilion3119Hubei Xiao XianliChina9,6008
Pavilion3121William BensonUnited States31,10026
Pavilion3122Mathew MooreUnited States24,00020
Pavilion3123Josh WeissUnited States58,90049
Pavilion3124Alex RochaUnited States33,40028
Pavilion3125Eric BlairUnited States61,70051
Pavilion3126Jackie GlazierAustralia74,70062
Pavilion3127Filipp KhavinUnited States77,60065
Pavilion3128Bertrand GrospellierFrance20,60017
Pavilion3129Michael MurphyUnited States43,20036
Pavilion3131Zo KarimUnited States29,60025
Pavilion3132Colin LovelockUnited Kingdom25,20021
Pavilion3133Shaun McbrideUnited States36,40030
Pavilion3134Lander LijoEstonia47,30039
Pavilion3135Jason LesUnited States38,80032
Pavilion3136Roger DickermanUnited States45,70038
Pavilion3137Taylor BlackUnited States74,60062
Pavilion3138Anthony WynnUnited States42,40035
Pavilion3139Jeffrey TanouyeUnited States16,40014
Pavilion3141Stephen Declan LennonUnited States12,10010
Pavilion3142Tom BrabandUnited States121,100101
Pavilion3143Hoflehner HelmutAustria25,50021
Pavilion3144Chris KlodnickiUnited States98,70082
Pavilion3145Andy ZarroAustralia25,10021
Pavilion3146Philip RigbyUnited Kingdom60,70051
Pavilion3147DID NOT REPORT 1United States19,10016
Pavilion3148Sean ShahUnited States17,10014
Pavilion3149Aditya PrasetyoUnited States77,60065
Pavilion3151Todor KondevskiAustralia41,70035
Pavilion3152Fabian QuossGermany12,90011
Pavilion3153Arthur MorrisUnited States72,20060
Pavilion3154Lance KeatingUnited States27,10023
Pavilion3155Kenny HallaertBelgium54,50045
Pavilion3156John MonnetteUnited States20,00017
Pavilion3157Alexandre ReardFrance76,80064
Pavilion3158Andrew FlemingUnited Kingdom65,90055
Pavilion3159Gerald PeltolaUnited States32,10027
Pavilion3161Jay GlassCanada26,30022
Pavilion3162Daniel MarcusUnited States40,70034
Pavilion3163Christopher HaydtUnited States27,40023
Pavilion3164Kuniharu UchidaJapan61,40051
Pavilion3165David JacobsonUnited States26,90022
Pavilion3166Rafael MoraesBrazil143,700120
Pavilion3167Andrew KelsallUnited States44,10037
Pavilion3168Franco BochiniArgentina22,40019
Pavilion3169Conrad MonicaUnited States9,1008
Pavilion3171Charalampos LappasBrazil40,10033
Pavilion3172Travis TachibanaUnited States30,40025
Pavilion3173Gregory JosifovskiUnited States33,50028
Pavilion3174Jess BishopCanada55,10046
Pavilion3175Jeff BryanUnited States56,70047
Pavilion3176Vojtech RuzickaCzech Republic68,70057
Pavilion3177Mario Prats GarciaEstonia60,60051
Pavilion3178Geoffrey RasmussenUnited States44,30037
Pavilion3179Yulius SepmanRussia12,70011
Pavilion3181Frank KasselaUnited States9,8008
Pavilion3182Chris FergusonUnited States25,10021
Pavilion3183Enio BozzanoBrazil19,90017
Pavilion3184Jordan KaplanUnited States72,40060
Pavilion3185Jonathan KramerUnited States22,90019
Pavilion3186Victor FigueroaUnited States71,50060
Pavilion3187Anthony TaveraUnited States22,20019
Pavilion3188Dylan HortinUnited States35,80030
Pavilion3189Henry MeachamUnited States70,20059
Pavilion3191Jiushuang WangUnited Kingdom16,00013
Pavilion3192Igor YaroshevskyyUkraine22,50019
Pavilion3193Sean LegendreUnited States21,50018
Pavilion3194Bradley SniderUnited States81,30068
Pavilion3195Aditya SushantIndia57,80048
Pavilion3196Mustapha KanitItaly116,50097
Pavilion3197Brian MorganUnited States36,10030
Pavilion3198Aniket DalalUnited States34,30029
Pavilion3199Damir JezernikCanada16,10013
Pavilion3201Ryan BuckholtzUnited States140,400117
Pavilion3202Nan YuUnited States64,00053
Pavilion3203Pablo MarizCanada18,00015
Pavilion3204Marvin RettenmaierBelgium45,50038
Pavilion3205Richard DubiniArgentina12,80011
Pavilion3207Martin FingerAustria51,20043
Pavilion3208Cory WaalandUnited States39,60033
Pavilion3209Dmitry SavelyevUnited States75,90063
Pavilion3211Paul SokoloffCanada50,10042
Pavilion3213Dan MurariuCanada28,50024
Pavilion3214Yu LiChina13,80012
Pavilion3215Griffin AbelUnited States60,00050
Pavilion3216Ben GreenbergUnited States18,10015
Pavilion3217Brent HanksUnited States17,00014
Pavilion3218Boris KolevBulgaria47,40040
Pavilion3219Martial BlangenwitschFrance18,00015
Pavilion3221Gianluca SperanzaItaly62,90052
Pavilion3222Ulrich SchnetterUnited States63,50053
Pavilion3223Li FuChina74,90062
Pavilion3224Peter SmahaUnited States29,20024
Pavilion3225Steven FortnerUnited States30,00025
Pavilion3227Atanas KavrakovBulgaria6,7006
Pavilion3228Sherif ElmessiriCanada6,1005
Pavilion3229Mike HeshmatiUnited States10,3009
Pavilion3231Fabian SchmidtAustria49,30041
Pavilion3232Edward CollinsUnited States33,70028
Pavilion3233Kevin LairdUnited States27,10023
Pavilion3234Jonas WexlerUnited States114,80096
Pavilion3235Rodney HobbsUnited States73,20061
Pavilion3236Donald KilgoreUnited States32,80027
Pavilion3237Felix BleikerSwitzerland24,00020
Pavilion3238Eddy SabatUnited States10,1008
Pavilion3242Tommy TranUnited States187,100156
Pavilion3243Eric LaliberteCanada21,80018
Pavilion3244Angel AguilarUnited States70,50059
Pavilion3245Vladas TamasauskasUnited States27,40023
Pavilion3246Daniel EichhornUnited States138,700116
Pavilion3247Miguel RieraUnited Kingdom36,00030
Pavilion3248Narimaan AhmadiUnited States98,10082
Pavilion3249Daniel RuddUnited Kingdom31,30026
Pavilion3251Andrey PateychukRussia13,40011
Pavilion3252Apoorva GoelIndia23,20019
Pavilion3253Mark AyoubUnited States52,90044
Pavilion3254Lei LeiUnited States42,10035
Pavilion3255Saya OnoUnited States51,90043
Pavilion3256Jonathan RobergeUnited States10,4009
Pavilion3257Andrew MagbualUnited States55,20046
Pavilion3259Thain HaganUnited States27,90023
Pavilion3261Dean ChenUnited States37,50031
Pavilion3262Joseph ReddickUnited States32,80027
Pavilion3263Laurent ManderlierBelgium35,90030
Pavilion3264Edward AuslanderUnited States47,20039
Pavilion3266Phillip CarterUnited States114,40095
Pavilion3267Akin TunaGermany182,800152
Pavilion3268Jesse CohenUnited States20,60017
Pavilion3269George SevierUnited States54,90046
Pavilion3271Jeffrey SmithUnited States25,70021
Pavilion3272Richard PascualUnited StatesDNRDNR
Pavilion3273John BunchUnited States56,70047
Pavilion3274Adi AizinIraq29,50025
Pavilion3275Joseph TeanotogaFrance8,3007
Pavilion3276Yordan PetrovBulgaria31,40026
Pavilion3277Tomas JozonisLithuania13,40011
Pavilion3278Alex SmithUnited States68,80057
Pavilion3279Aleksandar TojcicUnited States36,80031
Pavilion3281Riley FullerUnited States40,90034
Pavilion3282Lizzy HarrisonUnited States7,8007
Pavilion3283Champie DouglasUnited States71,40060
Pavilion3284David HoagUnited States10,4009
Pavilion3285James DempseyUnited Kingdom27,30023
Pavilion3286Chang LuoChina37,90032
Pavilion3287Chad LayneUnited States145,500121
Pavilion3288Thomas BlizniakUnited States95,00079
Pavilion3289Nathan TuthillUnited States39,00033
Jogador Fichas Progresso
Tommy Tran us
Tommy Tran
Sam Grafton gb
Sam Grafton
Ben Yu us
Ben Yu
WSOP 4X Winner
John Racener us
John Racener
WSOP 1X Winner
Chris Ferguson us
Chris Ferguson
WSOP 6X Winner
John Monnette us
John Monnette
WSOP 5X Winner
Pablo Mariz ca
Pablo Mariz
WSOP 1X Winner

Tags: Alan WidmannBen YuChris FergusonJerry YangJohn MonnetteJohn RacenerMikolaj ZawadzkiSam GraftonTommy Tran

Elias Takes One From Zack

Nível 10 : 500/1,000, 100 ante
Darren Elias (as seen in previous event)
Darren Elias (as seen in previous event)

Darren Elias and Daniel Zack have been battling it out next to each other for the past couple of hours and have been in several confrontations. On this latest hand, Elias was on the button and raised to 2,200. Zack was in the small blind and three-bet to 6,600. Elias thought for a couple minutes and called.

The flop was {j-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{3-Hearts} and Zack checked. Elias fired out a bet of 6,000 and Zack called.

The turn was the {8-Clubs} and Zack checked again. Elias moved all in for his remaining 22,200 chips, sending Zack into the tank. After about just under two minutes another player at the table called for a clock. The tournament director came over and Zack had 40 seconds to decide. As the ten second count down closed in on zero, Zack elected to fold.

Elias then asked if someone had called a clock as even he appeared to be a bit surprised by the short amount of time. In the end, Elias added some valuable chips to his stack and these two will continue to battle on.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Daniel Zack us
Daniel Zack
73,000 -12,000
WSOP 3X Winner
Darren Elias us
Darren Elias
50,000 13,600

Tags: Daniel ZackDarren Elias

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson Hits the Devil Hand

Nível 9 : 400/800, 100 ante
Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson

A player in late position raised to 2,000. Chris Ferguson was in the big blind and moved all in for roughly 15,000. The player in late position moved all in, as well, for roughly 11,000.

Chris Ferguson: {6-Spades}{6-Hearts}
Opponent: {a-}{k-}

The flop was {a-Spades}{9-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}, putting Ferguson well behind. The powers that be were having none of it, though, as the {6-Clubs} was produced on the turn. That gave Ferguson trips and left his opponent drawing dead as the dealer tabled the {9-Spades} on the river.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Chris Ferguson us
Chris Ferguson
26,900 10,700
WSOP 6X Winner

Tags: Chris Ferguson

Final Numbers Are In

Nível 7 : 250/500, 75 ante
WSOP Bracelet
WSOP Bracelet

This event attracted 1,956 players, creating a prize pool of $2,640,600. The top 294 players will be paid out, with first place winning $428,423 and the WSOP gold bracelet. A full listing of the payouts will be posted as soon as available.

Hellmuth Takes One Down

Nível 6 : 200/400, 50 ante
Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth

A player in early position raised to 1,000. The small blind three-bet to 3,000 and Phil Hellmuth called in the big blind. The player in early position folded.

The flop was {q-Spades}{j-Spades}{10-Hearts} and both players checked. The turn was the {2-Spades}. Hellmuth bet 4,600 and the small blind called.

The river was the {2-Clubs} and Hellmuth thought a moment after his opponent checked. He then reached back and fired out a bet of 11,400. The small blind quickly released his hand and the 14-time WSOP bracelet winner took down a nice-sized pot, increasing his already healthy stack.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Phil Hellmuth us
Phil Hellmuth
34,200 27,300
WSOP Main Event Champion
WSOP 17X Winner
Poker Hall of Famer

Tags: Phil Hellmuth

It's Getting Hotted89 in Here

Nível 4 : 100/200, 25 ante
Alan Widdman
Alan Widdman

Alan Widdman might be brand new to the World Series of Poker, but he is no stranger to competition. Widdman is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator who made his name streaming World of Warcraft.

Widdman might have his work cut out for him with Vojtech Ruzicka, the third-place finisher in last year's Main Event, at his table. He is also sitting with Mario Prats who recently finished runner-up to Artur Rudziankov in Event #58: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em.

Widdman is best know by the handle "Hotted89" and carries the support of more than 130,000 YouTube subscribers and 230,000 Twitch followers. As far as his poker resume, he won the eSports Battle Royale Poker Tournament in February.

So far we know he has won at least one pot.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Alan Widmann 'Hotted89' ve
Alan Widmann 'Hotted89'
9,100 9,100

Tags: Alan WiddmanMario PratsVojtech Ruzicka

A Couple of Former Main Event Champs Getting an Early Start

Nível 1 : 25/50, 0 ante
Joe McKeehen
Joe McKeehen

Former WSOP Main Event Champions Joe McKeehen (2015) and Jerry Yang (2007) are in the starting field for Event #66.

McKeehen added a second WSOP gold bracelet this year to a WSOP résumé that includes two circuit rings, 36 cashes, and over $10-million in tournament winnings. McKeehen has also won around $3 million in non-WSOP tournaments.

Yang has nine WSOP cashes and hasn't cashed a WSOP event since the Colossus in 2015. He has $8.5 million in WSOP earnings (most from that Main Event win) and about $200,000 in non-WSOP earnings.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Joe McKeehen us
Joe McKeehen
7,500 7,500
WSOP Main Event Champion
WSOP 3X Winner
Jerry Yang us
Jerry Yang
7,500 7,500
WSOP Main Event Champion
WSOP 1X Winner

Tags: Jerry YangJoe McKeehen

Welcome To Event #66: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

WSOP Bracelet
WSOP Bracelet

Welcome and get settled in for Event #66: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em. This is the fifth and final installment of the $1,500 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournaments on this year's World Series of Poker schedule, and it gets going at 11 a.m. as the series races towards its conclusion.

When play commences today, players will play ten 60-minute levels and get a 20-minute break every two levels. Dinner break will take place after Level 6, around 5:40 p.m., and will be 90 minutes long. Players will be given 7,500 in chips to use at their discretion while battling their way towards the coveted WSOP gold bracelet.

This year, four events of this type have already taken place. David "The Dragon" Pham won Event #12, besting a field of 1,739 players to take home his third WSOP bracelet and $391,960. Then, in Event #33, Chris Frank was able to grind his way through, topping a field of 1,698 players to take home $384,833 for his efforts.

Event #52 was conquered by Mohsin Charania to give him the triple crown of poker. He bested a field of 1,580 players to take home $364,438. And most recently, Event #58 was the time for Artur Rudziankov to have his bracelet coming out party after he bested a field of 1,763 players to take home $395,918.

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