Event #7: $1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed

Eveslage Rivers a Chop

[user38873] • Nível 17: 5,000-10,000, 0 ante

Stud Hi-Lo Regular

Gina Hecht: {x-}{x-} / {3-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{8-Clubs} fold
Craig Chait: {x-}{x-} / {a-Diamonds}{6-Spades}{5-Hearts}{9-Clubs} / {x-}
Chad Eveslage: {x-}{x-} / {a-Hearts}{q-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{j-Spades} / {x-}

Craig Chait bet all the way from fourth to sixth. He was called once by Gina Hecht who then folded on fifth while Chad Eveslage stuck around. Seventh was checked and Chait tabled {9-}{5-}{x-} for nines and fives with a nine-low. Eveslage chopped with the {8-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{2-Spades} after he caught the eight low on the river.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Chad Eveslage us
Chad Eveslage
us 170,000 30,000
Craig Chait us
Craig Chait
us 150,000 45,000
Gina Hecht us
Gina Hecht
us 85,000 47,500
Matt Glantz us
Matt Glantz
us 40,000 -90,000

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