2021 World Series of Poker

Event #42: $1,500 Razz
Dias: 2
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2021 World Series of Poker

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Bradley Ruben
Mão Vencedora
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Seat Draw For Day 2

Amazon4001Brett FeldmanUnited States51,000
Amazon4002Andrew GlaubergUnited States24,000
Amazon4003Mike PuskarichUnited States49,000
Amazon4004Hansu ChuUnited States20,000
Amazon4005Tom McEvoyUnited States15,000
Amazon4006Brock ParkerUnited States24,000
Amazon4007Anthony ZinnoUnited States103,000
Amazon4008David AvinaUnited States138,000
Amazon4011Richard BaiUnited States85,500
Amazon4012Raymond MatthaeiUnited States59,500
Amazon4013Jonathan DicktenUnited States59,000
Amazon4014Amnon FilippiUnited States177,000
Amazon4015Todd DakakeUnited States231,500
Amazon4016Michael FrejkaUnited States165,000
Amazon4017John ZaleskiUnited States71,000
Amazon4018Yueqi ZhuUnited States136,000
Amazon4021Jay JohnsonUnited States55,000
Amazon4022Frank KasselaUnited States181,000
Amazon4023Tom GityUnited States67,500
Amazon4024Yuval BronshteinIsrael60,000
Amazon4025Amir NematiniaUnited States142,000
Amazon4026Ariel SheferUnited Kingdom254,000
Amazon4027Jason WiskeUnited States61,500
Amazon4028Theodore ManiosUnited States63,500
Amazon4031Timothy WoodwardUnited States46,500
Amazon4032Joshua RhodesUnited States27,000
Amazon4033Mohammadreza GolestaniUnited States101,000
Amazon4034Everett CarltonUnited States51,500
Amazon4035Paul MattiodaUnited States26,500
Amazon4036David "ODB" BakerUnited States205,000
Amazon4038Anna WroblewskiUnited States52,500
Amazon4041Craig ChaitUnited States133,000
Amazon4043Hassan KamoeiUnited States97,000
Amazon4044Rafael RovirasolerUnited States140,500
Amazon4045Jesse SylviaUnited States68,000
Amazon4046Jimmy GorhamUnited States35,000
Amazon4047Ryan RiessUnited States83,000
Amazon4048Scott SilvermanUnited States103,500
Amazon4052Tom McCormickUnited States65,500
Amazon4053Mehrdad ShelechiUnited States98,500
Amazon4054Kosei IchinoseJapan56,000
Amazon4055Jason PapastavrouUnited States38,500
Amazon4056Daniel NegreanuCanada25,500
Amazon4057Thomas TaylorCanada87,500
Amazon4058David LeviUnited States45,000
Amazon4061Steven CageCanada197,000
Amazon4062Rupesh PattniUnited States57,000
Amazon4063Matt GrapenthienUnited States129,000
Amazon4064Katherine FleckUnited States51,500
Amazon4065Perry GreenUnited States29,000
Amazon4066David "Bakes" BakerUnited States63,000
Amazon4067Alex LivingstonCanada173,500
Amazon4068Ted ForrestUnited States66,000
Amazon4091Ari EngelUnited States50,000
Amazon4092Charles SinnUnited States35,000
Amazon4093Kyle MontgomeryUnited States33,000
Amazon4094Kevin NewmanUnited States85,000
Amazon4095Benjamin PrimusUnited States27,500
Amazon4096Mark GalloUnited States59,000
Amazon4097Espen SandvikNorway3,500
Amazon4098Christian RobertsUnited States103,000
Amazon4101Peter LynnUnited States175,000
Amazon4103Andrew BarberUnited States69,000
Amazon4104Jordan SiegelUnited States94,000
Amazon4105Perry FriedmanUnited States134,000
Amazon4106Larry Wright (TX)United States44,500
Amazon4107Yuri DzivielevskiBrazil88,500
Amazon4108John BunchUnited States76,500
Amazon4111Scott EpsteinUnited States34,500
Amazon4112Joe AronestyUnited States101,000
Amazon4113Koray AldemirAustria19,000
Amazon4114Michael NewbergUnited States43,000
Amazon4115John EvansUnited States47,000
Amazon4116Richard FerroUnited States45,000
Amazon4118Aaron SinukoffCanada47,500
Amazon4121Robert CampbellAustralia83,500
Amazon4122Andres KornUnited States58,500
Amazon4123Christopher StephanUnited States94,500
Amazon4124Christopher PerkinsUnited States39,000
Amazon4125Matt WaxmanUnited States11,500
Amazon4126James WoodsUnited States145,500
Amazon4127Julien MartiniFrance108,000
Amazon4128Nicholas DerkeUnited States63,000
Amazon4131Sebastian PauliGermany26,500
Amazon4132Leonard AugustUnited States128,500
Amazon4133Jose Paz-GutierrezBolivia52,000
Amazon4135Jeffrey MitseffUnited States27,500
Amazon4136Alan MyersonUnited States71,000
Amazon4137James ChenTaiwan85,000
Amazon4138John FahmyUnited States12,000
Amazon4141John CoverUnited States1
Amazon4142Andreas HoleNorway42,500
Amazon4143Jason LipinerUnited States87,500
Amazon4144Michael CoombsUnited States82,500
Amazon4145Nikhil GeraUnited States100,000
Amazon4146Bryan MiconUnited States150,500
Amazon4147Bradley BermanUnited States104,000
Amazon4148Eric PottertonUnited States53,000

Event #42: $1,500 Razz

Dia 2 Começado

Welcome to Day 2 of Event #42: $1,500 Razz

WSOP Bracelet
WSOP Bracelet

Day two of Event #42: $1,500 Razz will see 98 players continue their quest for a World Series of Poker gold bracelet and the $99,188 top prize.

Ariel Shefer led the field with 254,000 chips after Day one, which saw a total of 311 entrants play fifteen 40-minute Levels.

Other players with notable stacks include 2017 event runner-up David "ODB" Baker, 2021 two-time bracelet winner Anthony Zinno, and reigning WSOP Player of the Year Robert Campbell. There are also some prominent short stacks entering the day, including bracelet winners Matt Waxman, Tom McEvoy and Daniel Negreanu who'ssearching for his series-leading 11th cash of the 2021 WSOP.

Play will resume at 2 p.m. local time, with 10 Levels scheduled that now shift to 60 minutes in length. The 98 remaining players will look to survive the money bubble at 47, guaranteeing themselves at least $2,431.

Stay tuned to the PokerNews live blog for updates throughout the day.

Tags: Anthony ZinnoAriel SheferDaniel NegreanuMatt WaxmanRobert CampbellTom McEvoy

Nível: 16

Ante: 1000
Bring-In: 1000
Completion: 4000
Limits: 4000-8000

Negreanu Loses First Pot

Nível 16

Daniel Negreanu: {x-}{x-}/{9-}{4-}{k-}{6-} - folded
Mehrdad Shelechi: {x-}{x-}/{5-}{2-}{2-}{8-}

Daniel Negreanu called a bet from Mehrdad Shelechi on fourth street. Shelechi bet again on fifth. "I can beat a pair. I didn't pair the king," Negreanu said as he called.

Shelechi bet on sixth and this time Negreanu folded. "I'll save this bet for next hand," he said.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Mehrdad Shelechi
Mehrdad Shelechi
115,000 16,500
Daniel Negreanu ca
Daniel Negreanu
8,000 -17,500

Tags: Mehrdad ShelechiDaniel Negreanu

Campbell Starts Strong

Nível 16

Robert Campbell: {x-}{x-}/{3-}{9-}{8-}{10-}/{x-}
Julien Martini: {x-}{x-}/{3-}{4-}{q-}{5-}/{x-}

Robert Campbell, the reigning WSOP Player of the Year, bet on fifth street against Julien Martini, and Martini called. Martini took the lead on both sixth and seventh streets, with Campbell calling both bets.

Martini showed a queen-low, while Campbell turned over {a-}{2-}{q-} for 10-9-8-2-A to win the pot.

"That's why he's Player of the Year, folks," tablemate James Woods said.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Robert Campbell au
Robert Campbell
120,000 36,500
WSOP 2X Winner
Julien Martini fr
Julien Martini
80,000 -28,000
WSOP 4X Winner

Tags: Julien MartiniRobert Campbell

Fahmy's Day Ends Quickly

Nível 16

John Fahmy was all in against Jose Paz-Gutierrez for his last 12,000 chips.

Jose Paz-Gutierrez: {q-}{9-}{8-}{7-}{6-}{5-}
John Fahmy: {8-}{6-}{6-}{a-}{a-}{a-}{a-}

Paz-Gutierrez had the pot locked up on sixth street, as Fahmy was dealt a full house to end his run early.

At a nearby table, Kyle Montgomery took Espen Sandvik's final bet after making an 8-6-5-4-3.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Jose Paz-Gutierrez bo
Jose Paz-Gutierrez
65,000 13,000
Kyle Montgomery us
Kyle Montgomery
36,000 3,000
John Fahmy us
John Fahmy
Espen Sandvik no
Espen Sandvik
WSOP 1X Winner

Tags: John FahmyJose Paz Gutierrez