2021 World Series of Poker

Event #28: $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed
Dias: 2

Michael Perrone Eliminated in 12th Place ($8,598)

Nível 25 : 25,000-50,000, 50,000 ante
Michael Perrone
Michael Perrone

Michael Perrone potted before the flop and Ran Niv called all in.

Ran Niv: {a-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}{q-Spades}{2-Hearts}
Michael Perrone: {a-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}

Niv took the lead with a two pair, queens and deuces, as the board ran out {7-Spades}{q-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{5-Spades}{2-Clubs}, doubling up and leaving Perrone with just 50,000, not enough to cover a big blind.

Perrone was all in two hands later with {4-Spades}{5-Hearts}{j-Clubs}{j-Diamonds} against Dylan Weisman with {j-Hearts}{k-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{a-Diamonds}. Weisman made a straight on a board of {2-Spades}{k-Spades}{2-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}, sending the 2021 bracelet winner to the rail in 12th.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Dylan Weisman us
Dylan Weisman
4,500,000 50,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Ran Niv il
Ran Niv
1,000,000 475,000
Michael Perrone us
Michael Perrone
WSOP 1X Winner

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