2021 partypoker MILLIONS Online
Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Second Nuts Leads To Lawson's Elimination

• Nível 7: 300-600, 75 ante

We were standing at the table next to Ted Lawson when we heard him yell in a not so happy tone. We walked over, and saw that he was the victim of a cooler flop that would send him home. We don't know the action, but the flop read {7-Spades}{3-Spades}{8-Spades}. Lawson had {k-Spades}{j-Spades}, but he was drawing dead to runner runner straight flush, as his opponent had {a-Spades}{6-Spades}. The {5-Clubs} on the turn ended his day, and the river came a meaningless {3-Clubs}. Lawson entered the hand with over 50,000, but now he is on the rail, and his tournament has ended.