WSOPC #1: BIG $50, $1M Gtd.

More than $1.4M in Prizes

• Nível 1: 800-1,600, 200 ante
Prize Pool for WSOPC #1: BIG $50, $1M Gtd

The final field is set for Day 2 of WSOPC #1: BIG $50, $1M Gtd. A total of 31,291 runners tried their hand at one of the Day 1 flights, and 3,345 of them still had chips when Day 1 drew to a close. That means there's $1,439,386 in total prizes to be won, with the winning player turning their $50 buy in into $168,810 for first place. All players who make the final table on Day 3 are guaranteed more than $10K while the player who finishes 1600th will cash for the minimum of $201.