PokerStars SCOOP 2021

SCOOP-43-H: $25,000 NLHE [8-Max, Super High Roller], $1.5M Gtd
Dias: 1

Koon Bubbles

Nível 19 : 17,500-35,000, 4,500 ante
Jason Koon
Jason Koon

Samuel "€urop€an" Vousden opened in the cutoff and Jason "jakoon1985" Koon shoved on the button for 847,409. Benjamin "bencb789" Rolle tanked and then stuck his stack in also from the small blind. That chased the other players away.

Rolle: {a-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds}
Koon: {k-Clubs}{j-Clubs}

The {7-Clubs}{9-Spades}{9-Diamonds} brought nothing for Koon but the {q-Clubs} actually improved his equity on the turn. No matter, though, as it was Rolle improving on the {a-Hearts} river.

That means the final nine are in the money and in the virtual bag until tomorrow.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Jason "jakoon1985" Koon
Jason "jakoon1985" Koon