Stadium Series Freezeout Weekly Final - High: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max], $1.5M Gtd
Stadium Series Freezeout Weekly Final - High: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max], $1.5M Gtd
Dia 2 Terminado

Felipe, Ladouceur, and Piekazewicz Lead the Final Table of the PokerStars Stadium Series Freezeout Weekly Final - High

poolshir • Nível 36: 150,000-300,000, 37,500 ante
Final Table Chip Counts
Final Table Chip Counts

It would take just over six hours on Day 2 of the 2020 PokerStars Stadium Series Freezeout Weekly Final - High: $1,050 NLHE before the final table was reached. The $1,500,000 guaranteed prize pool attracted 1,347 players with 159 of them returning for Day 2 earlier today knowing that they had locked up at least $2,705 already. But they all had their sights set on that fantastic first-place of $234,451.

Luan "Pseudo Fruto" Felipe came into Day 2 with the chip lead and lost it a few times throughout the day but ended back on top after everything settled down on a hectic day. Felip will come to the final table with 33,390,252 in chips which is worth over 110 big blinds at the start of Day 3. He is followed by Marc-Andre "FrenchDawg" Ladouceur with 19,449,172. Ladouceur started the day second in the counts and finds himself back in the exact same spot. Alisson "heyalisson" Piekazewicz completes the top three with 17,545,537 after losing a chunk of his stack during the latter stages of the day.

Breno "Breno2728" Drumond is the third Brazilian player at the final table with 11,814,410. Russia has two players left to battle it out for the title with "Zar77262" (11,738,652) and "_m0ney2_89" (10,205,636). But there are also two Dutch players: "K0SICE" (10,990,032) and Teun "tinnoemulder" Mulder (9,122,800) who both will looking to add another title to their winnings. Austria's Daniel "Razer2311" Rezaei will be back for the final table with 10,443,689.

Final Table Players and Chip Counts

PlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Luan "Pseudo Fruto" FelipeBrazil33,390,252111
Marc-Andre "FrenchDawg" LadouceurCanada19,449,17265
Alisson "heyalisson" PiekazewiczBrazil17,545,35758
Breno "Breno2728" DrumondBrazil11,814,41039
Daniel "Razer2311" RezaeiAustria10,443,68935
Teun "tinnoemulder" MulderNetherlands9,122,80030

As Day 1 ended just after the bubble burst, the start of Day 2 was chaotic with eliminations all flying in from the first second and throughout the day. By the time the first break came around, 66 players had already busted the tournament. Another 40 were gone once the second break started. Players like Christian "eisenhower1" Jeppsson, Javier "minusth3bear" Zarco, Ian "Simpioni" Simpson, Dinesh "nastyminder" Alt, Team Online members Ben "Spraggy" Spragg and Lex "L. Veldhuis" Veldhuis, and Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov were some of the many who left the tournament earlier than they wanted.

The players kept stumbling over the many hurdles the game of poker can bring and after almost four hours, the tournament was down to its final two tables. Jonatan "TanTanSWE" Hellman fell to Hannes "SuchADegen" Speiser, Rezaei then took out two players in one hand, "caramelo123" then got his aces in on the turn but "K0SICE" rivered a straight. Speiser then got taken out by Felipe before Pablo "PabloPool12" Roman was knocked out by Piekazewicz to get the tournament to the final table bubble.

That bubble ended up lasting almost 40 minutes with several players finding double-ups to stay alive but in the end it was "Mintewek" who would miss out on a spot at the final table and a ticket to the Grand Final worth $5,200 for all final tablists when he three-bet shoved his shortstack in with ace-trey and was called by Felipe who held ace-jack. The flop brought chopping outs but no help came on the turn nor river for the Dutchman as he was sent away in tenth place.

When the players return on Tuesday at 7:05 CEST, they will finish the remainder of Level 36 which has a small blind of 150,000, a big blind of 300,000, and a running ante of 37,500. Level duration will increase from Level 37 onwards and play will continue until a new PokerStars Stadium Series Weekly Final - High Champion can be crowned. And the PokerNews team will be here to bring you all the updates so stick around.

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"Mintewek" Eliminated in 10th Place ($14,674)

poolshir • Nível 36: 150,000-300,000, 37,500 ante
Mintewek vs Felipe
Mintewek vs Felipe

"Mintewek" came back after the break with the shortest stack and shoved from the big blind for 4,412,141 after Luan "Pseudo Fruto" Felipe raised to 675,000 from the button and was called.

"Mintewek": {a-Clubs}{3-Hearts}
Luan "Pseudo Fruto" Felipe: {a-Hearts}{8-Hearts}

The flop came {10-Clubs}{k-Spades}{10-Spades} for "Mintewek" to have a glimmer of hope to maybe split the pot but the rest of the board was completed with the {5-Hearts} on the turn and the {4-Hearts} on the river for Felipe to eliminate "Mintewek" with the higher kicker in tenth place as the final table bubble.

The nine remaining players will return on Tuesday, July 21st at 7:05 CEST for the final table and play down to a winner.

A recap is to follow.

Luan "Pseudo Fruto" Felipe BR 33,390,252 5,822,141
Zar77262 ru 11,738,652 -75,000
K0SICE nl 10,990,032 -1,185,000
Teun "tinnoemulder" Mulder 9,122,800 -75,000
Mintewek nl Eliminado

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Chip Counts After the Break

poolshir • Nível 36: 150,000-300,000, 37,500 ante
Luan "Pseudo Fruto" Felipe BR 27,568,111 900,000
Marc-Andre "FrenchDawg" Ladouceur ca 19,524,172 587,500
Alisson "heyalisson" Piekazewicz br 15,085,357 -8,179,137
Breno "Breno2728" Drumond BR 12,639,410 1,202,500
K0SICE nl 12,175,032 -1,339,500
Zar77262 ru 11,813,652 1,189,500
Daniel "Razer2311" Rezaei at 11,628,689 -1,236,250
_m0ney2_89 ru 10,580,636 7,625,387
Teun "tinnoemulder" Mulder 9,197,800 712,500
Mintewek nl 4,487,141 -1,462,500

Sixth Break of the Day

poolshir • Nível 36: 150,000-300,000, 37,500 ante

The ten remaining players have gone for another 5-minute break.

"Zar77262" Doubles Through Felipe

poolshir • Nível 36: 150,000-300,000, 37,500 ante

Luan "Pseudo Fruto" Felipe raised to 675,000 from the cutoff and "Zar77262" called in the big blind.

The flop came {3-Diamonds}{a-Hearts}{6-Hearts}, "Zar77262" check-shoved for 4,468,326 when Felipe continued with a bet of 556,875 and was called.

"Zar77262": {a-Clubs}{3-Clubs}
Luan "Pseudo Fruto" Felipe: {a-Spades}{k-Hearts}

The rest of the board was completed with the {2-Spades} on the turn and the {9-Hearts} on the river for "Zar77262" to double up with two pair.

Luan "Pseudo Fruto" Felipe BR 26,668,111 -158,201
K0SICE nl 13,514,532 -5,908,200
Zar77262 ru 10,624,152 5,739,576
Teun "tinnoemulder" Mulder 8,485,300 -1,388,050
Mintewek nl 5,949,641 1,714,875

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Mulder Doubles Through Felipe

poolshir • Nível 35: 125,000-250,000, 32,500 ante

Teun "tinnoemulder" Mulder raised to 500,000 from the cutoff and was called by Luan "Pseudo Fruto" Felipe on the button while the blinds folded.

The flop came {5-Spades}{4-Spades}{8-Spades}, Mulder check-shoved for 4,167,925 when Felipe bet 507,375 and was called.

Teun "tinnoemulder" Mulder: {q-Spades}{j-Hearts}
Luan "Pseudo Fruto" Felipe: {j-Spades}{10-Spades}

Mulder was sitting on a flush draw which Felipe had already hit.

The turn was the {3-Hearts} which didn't help Mulder but the {3-Spades} on the river gave him the higher flush to double up with.

Luan "Pseudo Fruto" Felipe BR 26,826,312 -4,700,425
K0SICE nl 19,422,732 -157,500
Teun "tinnoemulder" Mulder 9,873,350 5,172,925
Zar77262 ru 4,884,576 -32,500
Mintewek nl 4,234,766 -282,500

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Pablo "PabloPool12" Roman Eliminated in 11th Place ($14,674)

poolshir • Nível 35: 125,000-250,000, 32,500 ante
Roman vs Piekazewicz
Roman vs Piekazewicz

Pablo "PabloPool12" Roman shoved from the button for 3,537,726 and was called by Alisson "heyalisson" Piekazewicz in the big blind.

Pablo "PabloPool12" Roman: {a-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}
Alisson "heyalisson" Piekazewicz: {a-Hearts}{j-Spades}

The board ran out {8-Clubs}{2-Spades}{9-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{7-Diamonds} for Piekazewicz to hold with the higher kicker to send Roman on his way and get the tournament to the final table bubble and hand-for-hand stage.

Alisson "heyalisson" Piekazewicz br 23,264,494 -2,678,882
Marc-Andre "FrenchDawg" Ladouceur ca 18,936,672 6,325,958
Daniel "Razer2311" Rezaei at 12,864,939 2,227,250
Breno "Breno2728" Drumond BR 11,436,910 -1,278,750
_m0ney2_89 ru 2,955,249 -2,422,850
Pablo "PabloPool12" Roman AR Eliminado

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