2017 PokerStars Championship presented by Monte-Carlo Casino®

Main Event
Dias: 1a
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2017 PokerStars Championship presented by Monte-Carlo Casino®

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Informações do Nível
100,000 / 200,000

Runner-Runner Ruins Fatehi's Suckout

Nível 7 : 300-600, 100 ante

Ali Reza Fatehi opened to 1,800, and Pascal Hartmann made it 5,300 to go in the big blind. Fatehi came back with 17,100 and called off his remaining stack, a little under 50,000 total, when Hartmann jammed.

Hartmann: {a-Spades}{a-Clubs}
Fatehi: {a-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds}

Victory seemed all but assured for Hartmann until {k-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} flopped to give Fatehi a straight. Running {k-Spades} and {k-Clubs} sent the pot back to the German though, giving him a full house.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Pascal Hartmann de
Pascal Hartmann
173,500 33,500
Ali Reza Fatehi ir
Ali Reza Fatehi

Tags: Ali Reza FatehiPascal Hartmann

Schemion Pains Silver

Nível 7 : 300-600, 100 ante
Ole Schemion
Ole Schemion

After unknown earlier action, three players arrived on the turn on a {Q-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds} board. From the big blind, Schemion bet 3,300, Silver called and the third player folded.

The river brought the {6-Hearts} and the German opted for an overbet of 15,000. Silver quickly called, but got shown the bad news as Schemion tabled {Q-Hearts}{6-Diamonds} for queens full. Silver flashed {A-Clubs}{A-Spades} before mucking his hand.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Ole Schemion de
Ole Schemion
135,000 10,000
WSOP 1X Winner
WPT 1X Winner
Max Silver gb
Max Silver
17,100 3,600
WSOP 1X Winner

Tags: Max SilverOle Schemion

Banic Takes from Lijo

Nível 7 : 300-600, 100 ante

Right back from the dinner break, Lander Lijo raised to 1,500 and Ivan Banic called in the big blind. The duo checked the {7-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{5-Clubs} flop and Banic then check-called a bet worth 3,500 on the {6-Clubs} turn. Banic's bet of 9,100 on the {J-Clubs} river won the pot uncontested, as Lijo folded and dropped back to starting stack.

Banic has three times of that, only trailing Craig Varnell on the same table.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Craig Varnell us
Craig Varnell
94,000 1,000
WSOP 1X Winner
WPT 1X Winner
Ivan Banic hr
Ivan Banic
90,000 5,000
Lander Lijo es
Lander Lijo
30,000 -10,000

Tags: Craig VarnellIvan BanicLander Lijo

Post-Dinner Counts on Day 1a

Nível 7 : 300-600, 100 ante
Jogador Fichas Progresso
Vicente Delgado es
Vicente Delgado
130,000 15,000
Ole Schemion de
Ole Schemion
125,000 35,000
WSOP 1X Winner
WPT 1X Winner
Peter Eichhardt se
Peter Eichhardt
124,000 -6,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Iliodoros Kamatakis gr
Iliodoros Kamatakis
95,000 60,000
Alexandre Moreau fr
Alexandre Moreau
88,000 8,000
Nick Petrangelo us
Nick Petrangelo
75,000 29,000
WSOP 2X Winner
Hossein Ensan de
Hossein Ensan
70,000 8,000
WSOP 1X Winner
EPT 1X Winner
Bart Lybaert be
Bart Lybaert
67,000 17,000
Ramin Hajiyev az
Ramin Hajiyev
65,000 65,000
Alin Grasu ro
Alin Grasu
60,000 13,000
Romain Nardin fr
Romain Nardin
55,000 30,000
Preben Stokkan no
Preben Stokkan
55,000 25,250
Mark Teltscher gb
Mark Teltscher
50,000 15,500
EPT 1X Winner
Yan Li cn
Yan Li
45,000 45,000
Noah Vaillancourt ca
Noah Vaillancourt
42,000 -7,500
Isaac Haxton us
Isaac Haxton
39,000 2,000
Paul-Francois Tedeschi fr
Paul-Francois Tedeschi
32,000 -16,000
Christoph Vogelsang de
Christoph Vogelsang
32,000 32,000
Justin Bonomo us
Justin Bonomo
27,000 -25,000
WSOP 3X Winner
Keven Stammen us
Keven Stammen
23,000 -12,000
WSOP 1X Winner
WPT 1X Winner
Stephen Woodhead gb
Stephen Woodhead
12,000 -5,500
Gaelle Baumann fr
Gaelle Baumann
8,000 -2,200

Nível: 7

Blinds: 300/600

Ante: 100

Dinner Break on Day 1a

Nível 6 : 250-500, 75 ante

The remaining 142 players out of a 231-entry strong field thus far have been sent into a 75-minute dinner break and will return at approximately 9.33 p.m. local time. When the action resumes, another two levels of 75 minutes each are scheduled before bagging and tagging.

Early Dinner for Alt

Nível 6 : 250-500, 75 ante

Maxi Lehmanski opened to 1,200 from middle position and the action folded to Dinesh Alt, who pushed for his last 6,225 on the button. The big blind was about to call before being reminded that there was an all in, then folded. Lehmanski quickly called and Alt was the player at risk.

Dinesh Alt: {5-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}
Maxi Lehmanski: {Q-Spades}{Q-Diamonds}

After a board of {K-Hearts}{J-Clubs}{9-Spades}{A-Clubs}{6-Clubs}, Alt was eliminated and said "best hand in an hour" with a dry smile on the face before exiting the tournament area close to the end of level six.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Maxi Lehmanski de
Maxi Lehmanski
39,500 15,500
Dinesh Alt ch
Dinesh Alt

Tags: Dinesh AltMaximilian Lehmanski

Schillhabel Coolers Moore for Monster Pot

Nível 6 : 250-500, 75 ante
Stefan Schillhabel, pictured at a different event.
Stefan Schillhabel, pictured at a different event.

We didn't catch the action, but a preflop raising war between Stefan Schillhabel (button) and Joshua Moore (small blind) wound up with the latter all in for 95,000 and called.

Schillhabel: {a-Spades}{a-Clubs}
Moore: {k-Clubs}{k-Hearts}

It was a cooler in Schillhabel's favor, and the board ran out {q-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{10-Spades}{3-Spades}, leaving the aces best. Moore seemed none too worried about the nasty scenario he'd run into.

"Happens," he said with a smile. "Good luck, guys."

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Stefan Schillhabel de
Stefan Schillhabel
235,000 85,000
WPT 1X Winner
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore

Tags: Joshua MooreStefan Schillhabel

Seat Open for Kerignard

Nível 6 : 250-500, 75 ante

Yorane Kerignard and table neighbor Frank Werder got into a raising war that saw the former end up all-in for less than the starting stack with the {A-Hearts}{10-Hearts}. Werder had that dominated with {K-Hearts}{K-Spades} on the button and the board came {9-Diamonds}{6-Spades}{2-Hearts}{J-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}. The over card and flush draw failed to hit for Kerignard and the Frenchman was eliminated.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Frank Werder us
Frank Werder
Yorane Kerignard fr
Yorane Kerignard
WPT 1X Winner

Tags: Yorane KerignardFrank Werder