2021 World Series of Poker
$5,000 Main Event

Ramos is Down But Not Out

• Nível 11: 800-1,600, 200 ante

Several players are looking short-stacked compared to the field but have been grinding that short-stack for a while and comfortable with it. Maria Ho (57,000), Morris Dadoun (18,000), Vanessa Selbst (45,000) and Daniel Negreanu (43,200) are all looking for a way back above average.

However, when you've had a big chip-stack and a series of hands eat away at it, dragging it back down to average, it can hurt more. Felipe Ramos was up to around 175,000 a short while ago, but he has less than half that currently, after losing the latest hand he played.

With a pot of around 11,000, the flop came {10-Diamonds}{3-Spades}{7-Clubs}, and Ramos bet 11,000 to match it. His only opponent called and they went to a turn of {Q-Spades}, which Ramos bet again, this time to 16,300. Again, a very quick call. The river of {4-Diamonds} prompted a check from Ramos, and also from his opponent. Ramos could only turn over {9-Diamonds}{8-Spades}, not good enough to beat his opponent's pocket jacks.