Main Event

Christian Rudolph Eliminated in 6th Place ($146,300)

poolshir • Nível 39: 2,500,000-5,000,000, 625,000 ante
Rudolph eliminated by Geci

Christian Rudolph raised to 10,850,000 from under the gun and Endrit Geci three-bet shoved from the big blind for Rudolph to make the call for the 121,355,956 he had behind.

Christian Rudolph: {a-Hearts}{k-Clubs}
Endrit Geci: {10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}

The board ran out {2-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} to not help Rudolph as Geci improved to a full house on the river to eliminate the German in sixth place for $146,300.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Endrit Geci gb
Endrit Geci
gb 485,416,500 157,605,956
Daniel Dvoress ca
Daniel Dvoress
ca 242,504,788 -20,000,000
Hermogenes Gelonezi br
Hermogenes Gelonezi
br 153,987,216 -10,000,000
Dzmitry Urbanovich pl
Dzmitry Urbanovich
pl 101,208,632 6,250,000
Francisco Correia br
Francisco Correia
br 99,991,106 -10,000,000
Christian Rudolph de
Christian Rudolph
de Eliminado