2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK

Main Event
Dias: 3

Vernon Takes Lambert Down

Nível 24 : 150,000-300,000, 300,000 ante

Christopher Vernon raised to 625,000 from under the gun and action folded to Louis Lambert on the button who three-bet by putting almost his whole stack in, leaving himself behind with 75,000. Vernon snap-called after the blinds folded. Lambert tanked, using a time bank card, trying to catch a pay jump. In the end, he called with his last chips.

Louis Lambert: {a-Hearts}{q-Clubs}
Christopher Vernon: {A-Diamonds}{A-Spades}

The board ran out {4-Spades}{4-Clubs}{3-Spades}{j-Spades}{3-Diamonds} to not provide any help to Lambert as he was eliminated. Lambert managed to pick up the pay jump though as he finished in 72nd place.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Alex Foxen us
Alex Foxen
44,200,000 1,200,000
Day 3 Chip Leader
WSOP 1X Winner
WPT 1X Winner
Christopher Vernon gb
Christopher Vernon
18,000,000 10,800,000
Paul Rigg gb
Paul Rigg
16,800,000 11,390,000
Thomas Lawrence gb
Thomas Lawrence
16,300,000 7,800,000
Ioannis Angelou-Konstas gr
Ioannis Angelou-Konstas
15,600,000 12,240,000
Day 4 Chip Leader
Paul Evans us
Paul Evans
10,000,000 5,450,000
Louis Lambert gb
Louis Lambert

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