2020 PokerStars Blowout Series

Blowout Series: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, The Big Blowout!], $5M Gtd.
Dias: 2

Kosei "shinbunshi" Ichinose Eliminated in 15th Place ($28,486)

Nível 46 : 150,000-300,000, 37,500 ante
adkaf vs Ichinose
adkaf vs Ichinose

Kosei "shinbunshi" Ichinose shoved from the cutoff for 2,263,932 and "adkaf" called on the button while the blinds folded.

Kosei "shinbunshi" Ichinose: {k-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}
"adkaf": {7-Spades}{7-Clubs}

The board ran out {6-Spades}{k-Hearts}{a-Clubs}{7-Hearts}{a-Diamonds} for "adkaf" to turn the set and improve to a full house on the river to eliminate Ichinose.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Francisco "Tomatee" Benitez
Francisco "Tomatee" Benitez
25,913,171 -760,875
adkaf sk
16,778,021 5,001,432
arbaarba lt
14,258,105 -75,000
Day 2 Chip Leader
Alex.Z5518 br
9,403,809 205,875
B.J.B. P0ker de
B.J.B. P0ker
7,443,283 -1,282,500
Eike "Mr. Havener" Onodera br
Eike "Mr. Havener" Onodera
4,510,061 -112,500
Ballage87 hu
3,386,604 -75,000
Kosei "shinbunshi" Ichinose jp
Kosei "shinbunshi" Ichinose